Saturday, July 2, 2011

bedside table

here's a sweet bedside table that i finished this week.
it got the same vintage look floral contact treatment as
this pair got.
i could just see it in the corner of a guest room, nursery or girl's room.
the babushka measuring cup dolls were a gift from my girl's.
having the pretty contact on top, means that minimal decor is
needed! or if you like a little "clutter", lots of white and blue pieces would look fab.
i was asked about what paint i used for the little suitcase, and
how i prepared it before hand in an earlier post.
i just gave it a good wash down, let it dry and did 2 coats of Dulux white.
nothing fancy at all :)

i'm going to get stuck into the girl's rooms with them today.
while Mike paints walls, i'll be painting up photo frames and lamp bases!
and i've been told- "no shabbying allowed!!"

they have chosen more modern pieces from IKEA to funk things up a bit.
according to my almost 13 year old, the decor has to be funky...
ok then!
Kate x

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