Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kacey's room

as i have mentioned in the last few posts, we have been busy
prepping and painting the girl's bedrooms.
Kacey's room is finished!
Above is a pic of her room now.
(and her sleeping companions ;)

i thought i'd show you some pics of her room from the last 3 years,
and how it has changed.
back in 2008, she had Pumpkin Patch doona and matching gingham curtains.
Kacey went straight from her cot into a double bed when she turned two.
her brass bed was a road side find, the cupboard was from
eBay and the dressing table found in an op shop. (painted up by me of course)
later that year we lightened things up with a change of curtains
(found at the markets for $20)
and a 'new' Charlie Brown doona cover- also from the markets for $5
i sold the dressing table and cupboard which we were finding impractical
when it came to storage, and replaced them with Granny's pink bedside table
and G'pa's chest of drawers.
her room stayed pretty much like this for about 2 years,
and then Kace said she was tiring of all the floral.
so we said goodbye to the Charlie Brown doona cover and got a lovely white one ($5)
as well as replacing the double bed with a queen sized one.
she has wanted her room painted green since then too,
and we settled on a Dulux paint called "Peaceful Bay" quarter strength.
it's perfect :)
more of a soft aqua than a green.

we gave her the freedom to choose some different decor to jazz things up a bit.
this cute owl print was from IKEA for $20
Kacey and Emily love collecting shells every time we visit the beach,
and Kace loves to have a display of some of them.
her treasured rubber collection came out of it's box, and
into a couple of lidded glass containers that were sitting in a cupboard to show them off.
b'day presents from her 9th birthday last year.
an IKEA lamp shade teamed with a lamp base i already had.
Kacey at one day old :)
set of etched mirrors from IKEA.
Granny's bedside table got the white treatment.
the cactus, lamp and mirror also from IKEA.
all chosen by Kace.
G'pa's drawers are now in our room-
you may remember them from this previous post. Both girls have
the same large mirror, chest of drawers and queen sized bed from IKEA.
yes, we like IKEA!!!
so there you have it. another finished room.
and the colour is SO peaceful too.
love how it's turned out.

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  1. Hi Kate! Your little girl's room looks lovely throughout it's evolution...the collections of rubbers and seashells are so cool! Sadly, I don't think it will be long before my daughters tell me they're over the florals too, but I guess that's growing up :)
    Have a great day!
    Cas x
    p.s thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, seriously appreciated :)

  2. awww what beautiful rooms through out the years so very pretty and girly. Love those mirrors together on the walls they look very 50's. dee x

  3. LOVE the Ikea decor, esp owl wall hanging and lamp, and the rubbers in the glass jars look brilliant (your Mum may have told you i was an avid collector too but mine were in plastic Itty Bitty bins lol!)

  4. The Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop became the coolest party on the block because of your participation. Thank you!