Saturday, July 23, 2011

YARD sale success!

well i'm absolutely exhausted, but it has been a great morning!
i sold lots of lovely things to some lovely people.

it was so great to meet a few of my sweet followers,
including Cas from Peaches and Maple, her friend Vicki
and Trish from Spring Blossom. Pop over and visit them at their
gorgeous blogs! they are just the nicest girls, i i really
hope to meet up with them again sometime!
those things that didn't sell will go on eBay so keep a
lookout for a bargain! i hope to get it all listed in the next week,
so keep a check by clicking on my eBay button on the right hand side bar.
a friend was throwing out her old cot (after 5 babies!)
so i turned it into a shabby french looking day/toddler bed.
it served as a perfect prop for all my pretty linen :)

cot before....

Kate x

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  1. It all looks lovely great idea with the cot. I really like that white chair thats covered in pretty pink flowers. have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. yep, girlie heaven, just like i thought!!

  3. Kate, I cannot believe that dresser did not should load it up and bring it to my house!!!! It's not far AT ALL!!! And the baby bed....Ultra Tres Chic and I could use that too!! Maybe I should just move lol
    Yard sales are never ever like that here!!! We have to do all the work ourselves :(


  4. I'm hoping I'll be able to come visit the next time you have a sale everthing looks lovely x

  5. Love that piece Id love something like that for our office space!

  6. What a sale! Lol! Congrats on your blogaversary!

    Stopping by from the market your biz blog hop!


  7. Oh...I so wish I had discovered your blog earlier! It looks like my perfect yard sale!