Sunday, July 17, 2011

mini makeovers & Granny's Rose

when i lost my Granny, i took one of her rose bushes home.
i haven't grown roses before, so was a bit nervous about keeping it alive!
so far so good.
the other day, this most spectacular rose bloomed.
it's the first one i've dared to cut.
the scent was amzing too.
it was really Grandpa that tended to the garden, but i associate other
things to his memory.
i have been busy getting things ready for my YARD sale next Saturday morning,
and have made over a couple more things to add in.

this chair is looking alot more funky now that it has been dressed in this
fabulous vintage fabric!
just look at the vibrant colours!
i had to cover the back too. not the neatest job in the world,
but i'm happy with the overall outcome.
this solid pine table got a beachy bathroom look.
i'm a big fan of bubble baths, and like to have somewhere to
hold candles, creams and oils so they are within easy reach.
this little table is the perfect size and height i think.

chair before....

table before....
both these items will be for sale on Saturday. i'm very much looking
forward to meeting some of my lovely followers!
Kate x
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  1. Wow that chair is amazing now you would never believe it was the same one. I wouldn't be able to part with it. A beautiful rose and such a lovely memory to your nan. Good luck with the sale, dee x

  2. Such a vibrant colour, I can just imagine the smell. My grandparents always had lovely smelling roses in their garden to. They passed many years ago when I was a child so I didn't have the opportunity to keep them - lucky you will always have a beautiful reminder of your Nan :)