Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday fun- horse riding

after making about 5 wrong turns, we finally found 'Slickers' horse riding
in the prettiest setting.

the girl's watched the previous session ride on in.

we all wore our hair in plaits. i told the girls that was
the 'horse riding' rule haha.

With helmets on ready to go,
Kacey met up with a sweet little shetland pony who had a mane full
of burs.
Emily was on Ammi and Kacey rode Mandrake
and we set out on our 1.5 hour ride (which became 2 hours)
excited looks from the girls as they venture off on their 1st ride ever :)
i was so glad to be behind them to keep a close eye on how they were going!
beautiful dam complete with lily pads on the 800 acres owned by Slickers.
water sports allowed, although no fishing or "SWIMMIN"
as the sign said (so wished i got a pic of that sign!)
we often stopped so that Malcolm our leader could instruct, take the mickey out
of us riders and tell a few jokes.
my horse was Max. he was a cranky old fella too.
we rode through thick bush
trotted down narrow, trodden out pathways
and along dirt roads. we were always met with breath taking scenery.
although the forecast was for fine weather, it was overcast and
it drizzled a little- all adding to the tranquil bush setting.

Em giving Ammi a gentle pat.
homeward bound along the opposite side of the dam.
saying goodbye
i found time to snap a 'still life' pic before we left!
what a super fun afternoon. i thoroughly recommend this place to all
you locals!

i can't tell you how proud i am of my precious ones. they did SO extremely
well. definitely naturals when it comes to riding a horse.
i've already had my hot bubble bath!
my knees were not working as well as they should've after 2 hours on
horseback. lets' see how i fair in the morning!!
Kate x

oh my goodness! i can't believe this is my 100th post.
thanks for being here through all my ranting and raving- mostly
about furniture and finds lol!

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  1. Love slickers use to ride there myself then left but hoping to come back soon great to see the place still going