Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emily's Room

now that Emily has received her pretty doona for her birthday, her room makeover
is almost complete!
she spotted this doona cover months ago, and has waited patiently for the chance
to put it on her bed.
above is a cobalt blue vase and roses from IkEA.
here are a couple of shots of what her room has looked liked over the years.
old brass bed we had restored.
bedhead found at a garage sale.
Rachel Ashwell linen.
now that she's a teenager, shabby chic florals are to a minimum.
bling is in!
flowers and vase from IkEA.
silver bracelet from Nanna and Poppi
Em when she was a day old
collection of Em's perfumes
cute eye mask that matches in with the decor
owl print we found in Cotton On
Em likes to change what hangs here.
for now it's a pretty scarf
birthday balloons from Nanna and Poppi
in the corner.
Em is an organised and diligent student and uses the white
magnetic board to the left for timetables and due dates for assignments.

still yet to buy some bedside lamps.
otherwise Em is so pleased with her new bedroom look.
she had a fabulous birthday on Sunday x
i am the world's proudest Mum :)
Kate x
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  1. Very nice! I love the cover she picked - great colors. Glad she had a fabulous birthday!!

  2. Beautiful cover!! I wish I could have had such a nice room when I was growing up!!!
    Happy Birthday Em :)