Friday, August 5, 2011

random pics & purchases

hello to you all. so glad it's Friday!
We are in our last month of Winter (huge yay!) and the sun is rising a minute
earlier every morning.
thought i'd share some finds from last weekend.
above is a single IKEA rosalie doona cover that i found at the markets. back when Cath Kidston wasn't
'known', she did a few designs for Ikea. This linen sells for a fortune on eBay,
so i was smiling when the lady happily took $5!

and below, what a pretty candle holder! all rusted up looking.
$1 :)
the only denim i would usually do is jeans and shorts, but when i found this
cute vest with tags still attached, decided to give it a go. i think it will go nicely over
some of my Summer maxi dresses.
love the belts too.
last week i managed to paint up these kitchen stools for my neighbour.
still another 2 to go.

as well as a third suitcase to add to my growing suitcase stack.
bird cages are really becoming a thing around here. i spotted these rusted up
beauties on eBay a couple of hours before the auction ended.
another purchase from the lovely Deb who has a blog here.
i bought this entry table years ago from Deb as well.
the floral stool has been replaced by my shabby pink box.
pure white chrysanthemums
layered scrolly loveliness
the smaller frame had a mirror in it and once sat in my laundry. you can see it here.
after it fell on me twice (the 2nd time the mirror and frame smashed)
i decided to move it! Mike glued the frame up for me. you can still see its
pink daisies on special this week.
one of my teacup candles. you can see how i made them here.
i love burning scented candles during the day
as well as at night. just don't forget to blow it out before going shopping and to
pick up the kids from school! i did once!!
it looks like we are finally in for some rain this weekend. we desperately need it, and
haven't had any decent rain since the floods in January.

my baby turns 13 on Sunday! i hardly feel old enough to own a teenager!!
she has chosen her favourite restaurant where we will meet her
grandparents for lunch. should be a fun day.

enjoy your weekend :)

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  1. Great finds Kate.
    Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  2. I love those frames, so very pretty!! I also like the birdcages as well. Enjoy your weekend and birthday dinner with your teen!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  3. Hi Kate, You lucked out with that Cath find! I love your other finds as well. I love all the white in your home - so calming. Have a great evening out with your daughter for her birthday. My step daughter will be 13 at the end of the month. I can believe it! She was only 20 months old when I cam on the scene. Wow does time fly! Anyway, enjoy your weekend! ~ Catie

  4. I remember always wanting to buy that bedding at Ikea and never did. Now they have another pretty set with pink roses on it...definitely picking that one up when I head to the big city in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing, you've been busy and productive.