Monday, August 22, 2011

changing up the family room

hello and happy Monday to you all!
it's a little chilly here today, so pottering around at home, and spending some
time chilling on the couch with a cuppa.

here are my finds from yesterday's market.
a lovely tin mirror and some faux lavender.
Target had 30% off cushions this week, so i grabbed a few of their new french
inspired ones for the family room. it's amazing how changing around cushions can completely change the look of a room.
i have seen cushions like this in boutique shops for $80+,
so happy that all the cushions i bought came in at no more than $21 each.
my gorgeous old vintage 'Norco' milk box fits in well.

i think this colour scheme is perfect as we head into the warmer months.
you can see what this room looked like before here

Kate x
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  1. Ooh I love a Target Home sale, I headed in there myself last week, to grab some of those cushions, but couldn't find them at my local store, so I stocked up on pretty cake stands instead, lol. Oh well, I'll just have to check out another Target store one day this week, such a shame ;)
    Love your stuff.

  2. Love all you blue ans white s and the vintage box is one I covert.

  3. I LOVE all your mirrors above the lounge, they look so amazing!!!!

  4. The pillows the paint job on the living room table and the antique mirror collection are all swoon worthy.

  5. Your family room is gorgeous, Kate! I love your sofa and all the cute pillows...and yes, those are good prices! Your mirror collection is fabulous!!

    Visiting from have a lovely blog!


  6. Oh I just love those pillows!!
    I have a champagne bucket just like that in my Paris Hotel Suite!

  7. I love that flower petal pillow!!! so cute=)