Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spring is just around the corner

i want to pretty things up for Em's birthday party which is next weekend. so
yesterday, i pulled out all the floral pillowcases i own and lined them up on my 'new'
cream chenille bedspread i found in an op shop the other day.
here's what the daybed looked like before.

i sat outside this morning and thoroughly enjoyed a great coffee
in my favourite vintage 'Mother' cup.
some have been cut and sewn into cushion size.
and some are just folded around a cushion insert.
a nice bright vintage single sheet on the outdoor table.
i'll line some tealights along here for the party too.

early morning shot. love this spot :)
beautiful day up here.
1st time in short sleeves.
happy rest of the weekend.
Kate x

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  1. i would love a day bed for our new deck, WOW for reading outside or snuggling up for a chat :) Is your totally undercover (ie protected from the weather) so you can leave it set up all the time, or do you keep the linen and cushions stored and just bring them out when you want to sit there or entertain? i can't wait! Am inspired by how much effort you go to for gorgeous sitting spots :) It would be worth it though, so spaces don't go un-used and wasted.

  2. VERY pretty! I'm sure all the girls will love Em's party and the styling details you've added. Good work Mother!

  3. I could easily spend the day there! Just lovely for a party.

  4. It all looks so pretty as usual Kate...Em's very lucky to have such a stylish Mum to decorate for her big 13th birthday :)
    Cas x

  5. Very Pretty !!! .... Colours choosen are elegant !!

  6. Can I just lounge there for the day and read a book? Listen to music? Or just take a nap? Looks so comfy and pretty and feminine.....


  7. I love this little spot! The colors of the pillow slips are great.