Saturday, August 27, 2011

it's raining...

it's going to be a wet weekend.
but it's very welcome.
here are some pics of my happy garden.

i am definitely no gardener.
as you can see, i only grow the tough stuff!
i've left my wet slippers at the laundry door.
it's the perfect "stay inside in your dressing gown" day.
happy weekend to you ;)
Kate x
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  1. Succulents may be the 'tough stuff' but yours are looking very beautiful. They don't always look that way so perhaps your thumb is a little greener than you think! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. They look beautiful so happy with the rain on them!
    I love the stool in your last post, the shower curtain fabric is lovely!

  3. Oh, you are SO lucky!!! I want some rain too!!!! ;}

    m ^..^