Thursday, February 24, 2011

2009 display cabinet makeover

i thought i'd revisit an old makeover that started back in the beginning of 2009.
we were down in beautiful Port Stephens staying with my Mum over the Christmas break.
and, as i always do, i went off to visit the 'tip' shop to see what goodies i could find. this display cabinet was right at the back of a shed with an $80 price tag on it. i fell in love immediately, but thought i'd check with my husband (who nearly always says yes anyway) before buying it. i thought i'd better get permission from the 'car packer', as it would have to fit in the back of our stationwagon with all the other luggage. and boy, do we take everything but the kitchen sink when we go away! not too mention all the Chrissy presents that had to come back with us on that 11 hour drive home too.

not sure what his response would be, i dragged him out there that same afternoon, with him rolling his eyes and smiling (as he always does). he thought it was a great piece, although it was missing one 'curve' side of glass. it did have the original key too. we offered $50 and it was ours.
to be honest, i can hardly believe we got it home in one piece! i wish i had taken a photo- lying down in the back of the wagon, stuffed with boxes of wine, a computer, presents, beach toys, and all the suitcases were piled on top. every time we went over a bump, i waited for the 'crack' of glass. but it made it home with all glass in tact.
i found someone who made curved glass, and he had to come over 3 times to measure and remeasure before getting the 'curve' just right. by the time he got the correct 'curve' going and installed it for me, about 4 months has passed. and i was SO wanting it finished! i'm not the most patient person, so it was a very LONG wait!

here's what it looked like when it first arrived at our place.

i taped up all the glass and mirrored back, and went to work on the painting.
coat one....
once painted, sanded a little and sealed,
i then had to get the two glass shelves in without scratching the paint job. that wasn't easy!

it now holds most of my floral china, as well as hand me downs from my Grandparents.
some of the more precious items are a pair of coffee cup and saucers that my Granny received as an engagement present, medals from when my Grandpa fought in WW2, and some handmade crocheted doileys and teapot warmer he bought for his mother when he was in Germany.

i love that it keeps the dust and little fingers off all these special things too :)

where do you display all your pretties?
Kate x

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  1. Is that the recycling centre at Salamander? My dad swear by that place to add to his stash of fun for Will to play with when we visit - old bikes, boats etc! Love the stories that go with your grandparents items, and can't belive you waited 4 months to complete it all! Bet you had to keep busy :)

  2. Just found your blog - looking forward to catching up on your older posts.

    I checked out your ebay shop - you are a seller I have saved in my favourite sellers! I bought a mirror off you a few years ago - a very large round one. I'll put a pic on my blog.

    TDM x

  3. My mum has a china cabinet very similar to yours with the curved glass. I remember in school holidays when I was a kid, my sister and I had the task of dusting all mum's precious china and glassware, many of which were wedding presents. It's a wonder mum trusted us as we were very young. It's nice to see your cabinet and your special pieces inside. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  4. That is a great makeover and it really shows up your lovely china and treasured pieces - Nice work! ;-)

  5. Lovely cabinet, especially painted white!

  6. it's beautiful and so are all the goodies in it!

  7. Loving this white makeover. Really shows up all of your gorgeous china.
    Pam x