Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday market finds

Good Morning to you all on this scorchingly hot and humid Sunday!
My market buddy and i left EXTRA early this morning, because we wanted to get in and out before the real heat hit. with a forecast of 35*, we weren't going to hang around any longer than needed!

i found 2 more vintage bottles that will sit nicely with my little collection i already have going.
any ideas on how to get the dirt out of the bottom of them?

getting there that little bit early, scored me this!
that ornate detail- love love it.

i saw a lady walk around the front of a stall holding it and gasped. wondering how on earth i hadn't spied it first, i asked if she had bought it. her husband who was manning the stall piped up and said "oh, no, that's my wife".
and i whipped that beauty out of her hands super fast i can tell you!

it's quite a large one, and the bigger they are, the harder i find they are to photograph!
it's extremely heavy and has a beautiful plaster frame.
i can't even find any chips in the plaster which is amazing.
i also took a pic outside, but the photos really don't do it any justice.

a cute Valley Girl scarf- perfect for Springtime i think.

a soft mushroom coloured Witchery top and yummy black ruffled handbag.
love the ruffles.
don't get me wrong, i do love buying new things too!!
off to do less exciting things now such as the ironing and vacuuming.
at least i get to do it in A/C!
Kate :)

ps I have just linked up over at Stuff and Nonsense.
Pop over and take a look at her lovely blog!

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  1. WOW ..Kate..some awesome finds there them all!

    One of the ways to clean old or vintage bottles is to fill it up with equal parts ammonia and water, add some uncooked rice to the equation ( like a tablespoon) to act as a light abrasive to knock loose any unsightly dirt or grime. Shake the bottle vigorously with your thumb covering the bottle opening for about a minute or until clean. Vinegar is also good if the bottle isnt gritty but just a little cloudy gives it a nice new shine.

    Hope this helps some?
    Enjoy your Sunday x

  2. What great finds - especially the mirror - such a hot day to be out and about - I so wish I could spend some time in Brissy and find all the wonderful places to shop!

  3. Re: the cleaning of bottles, you might need to use some cleaner with it, but a babies bottle cleaner (pretty much just a cylinder of bristles on a stick) would do the job. only a few dollar in the babies section. Or make one by attaching a scour pad to a stick or long utensil with a rubber band? Love the top and bag BTW!

  4. oohhhh i love your mirror what a great story and a lovely find ;-)) Your house looks so fresh and beautiful to. Enjoy your week, dee x

  5. Hey Kate, You find some gorgeous things. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Love that mirror, what a lovely shape. Pam x

  6. awesome finds! Love your ruffle bag the most!

  7. Oh wow, great finds! Amazing what you can find at the markets and charity shops and that's half the fun. Going to stores just isn't the same somehow! I adore your mirror, round ones are very appealing :-)

  8. Gorgeous mirror. The top and bag are great finds.

  9. Hi Kate, Thanks for stopping by my blog, and being a new follower! I love your blog. I want to look at all your posts. I'm a new follower too!


  10. I love those vintage bottles!! Maybe bleach would get the dirt out of the bottom? Your mirror is so gorgeous! I like that it's a circle instead of the usual oval. Shopping vintage is like a treasure fun!!

  11. I love your finds - the mirror is gorgeous! I just found vintage bottles that had loads of dirt in them. I ended up soaking them in boiling water and then used one of those long skinny flexible brushes used to clean out the venturi tubes on a BBQ. It worked great!
    Just found your blog and it's lovely :)