Monday, February 14, 2011

vintage daybed & a new cushion

i worked on this lovely old daybed all weekend. she needed a good scrub and sand. i also had to get my trusty scraper out to get all the flakey paint off one side where it had obviously been in the sun. four coats of white paint, a sand around the edges and then sealed, i think she is looking pretty dandy don't you think?

for now, i have folded a linen Ikea curtain around the base. that way i can easily change it over for another colour. a cotton tablecloth would also do the job.
i also tried out my beige cushions. they look great too.
that sweet linen cushion with the flowers had dark brown embroidered centres. they really made it look awful, so i spent about 2 hours picking them out. i got out my button collection, picked out all the white, pearl and diamond ones, and sewed them on in clusters. the centre flower got one big chunky white button. it looks stacks better believe me!
i love to get out early and snap pics.
i took these this morning at about 6:30am after my walk.
what a stunning sunshiny day.
the sun made my white lilies literally glow!
another market find, this made-to-look-old buoy.
i'm not sure where to hang it yet. maybe out by the pool.
not a cloud in the sky.
my happy lilies drinking in the rays.

before shot. how ugly can you get.

my new cushion.
i love it and am thinking of ordering more.
100% cotton, 40cm x 40cm. zip enclosure at the base.
if you are interested in one or some for yourself, please email me

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  1. love the day bed. Perfect for soaking up this gorgeous QLD weather

  2. What a beautiful makeover. I love a daybed and a good book! It looks amazing as does all the photos - all picture perfect and inspiring to boot!

  3. Wow Kate! Fabulous makeover. Love the colour combos and those aqua cushions are delightful.
    Pam x

  4. It looks lovely love the blue cushions, and that blue sky and sunshine ooohhhhh lovely, dee x

  5. You did a fantastic job - love both looks!

  6. Oh this is fabulous!!!!
    So pretty and I love the blue!
    Thanks for linking!

  7. Wow, what a great makeover. You have a lovely blog, I just found you on Kristin's blog and I am your newest follower.
    Donna xx

  8. It is beautiful...your home is charming too. I heart Ikea! I heart that titanic lifefloat too.

  9. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your day. Thanks for coming to my party...please be sure to post my party button or link up my blog name...thanks:)


  10. Just found your blog through Marley & Lockyer. Love this little spot you have created and what a great job on the daybed. Will definitely be coming back to visit.
    Danielle x

  11. you did a fabulicious the should link this to my 'fridays unfolded' if you get a chance @


    stuff and nonsense

  12. I came by to visit from Kristin's blog because I loved your vintage daybed. I think you did an amazing job! Looks fantastic and your blog looks fun so I'll definitely be back to visit.