Thursday, February 10, 2011

a thing for aqua....

i've gone a bits nuts for aqua lately. it's so fresh and happy! i found these pegs and the basket in Target the other day. for under $4 for the lot, they were a must!!
my sister-in-law bought these for Kacey for Christmas and we have strung them along the top of her bed. when i found out they came from the fab store 'TYPO', that store then joined my favourites
being a bit of a hippy at heart, i'm also drawn to all things crochet. so finding this aqua crochet skirt for a couple of $$ at the markets? oh the joy!
LOVE.... also from Typo... also from my sis-in-law.... yum...
and even 'Smiggle' came to the party!
these stunners were 30% off at Target. they will help me put together my next furniture makeover... for outside ;)
the basket was an op shop find for $4 and is just the right size for a stack of magazines.
lovely linen looking teatowel with cute birdies. this hangs in my laundry under the jar of aqua pegs :)
i do have to be careful with this colour, as it doesn't match every room. so it's used in the laundry, Kacey's room and the outdoor area. and i'm just loving it :)
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  1. Pam from Bayside Rose suggested we come over and check out your neck of the woods.

    Pam's top shelf in my books, so you must be too!

    You have very nice taste and are quite clever ... I do like what you've done with your grandparents ottomans and I'm glad you kept them.
    (I'll follow you if you don't mind ... don't feel obliged to follow me though ... I'm a bit unfocussed blog-wise).

  2. I have popped by to visit via Pam too! Lovely to meet you. You have a lovely blog and lots of great ideas. Glad I came to visit!

    Best wishes,

  3. I've come from Pam too! I love your things. Just my style.

  4. I'm another one that's found you via Pam and I'm glad I did.

  5. Hi Kate, I just discovered your blog and am pleased to be a new follower. Your collection of aqua is so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  6. hey, your blog is cool - and your house is beautiful. I've just joined as a follower. I love treasure hunting and am inspired to do some furtniture makeovers this year.
    Stop by my blog -

  7. Hi Kate, I've just popped over from Pam's blog too but now realise that I have been checking out your blog for a while. Now Following :o)

  8. Love this color...I have to check out that store...this stuff is great!

  9. All gorgeous ideas and images. Turquoise is such a relaxing colour. I like! Having a lovely gander through your blog - thanks to Pam's recommendation.

  10. Came here trough Pam and glad I did. Lovely blog you have and I LOVE the color aqua!

  11. Hi, I've popped over from Pam also, lovely blog. I will add you to my blog list for others to find too. I love your mirror collection :) Tamara

  12. Hi Kate,
    Seems you and I love the same stores!

  13. Hi Kate, a new follower too however have been reading your blog for months, got onto it through your lovely Sunday market friend Steph (my sister-in-law). Love everything you are doing and I am currently battling to complete a kitchen hutch - exactly like the one you did. Find it on the side of a kerb I think Steph told you about it before Xmas. Anyway huge msg hope you don't mind me following. Jo