Sunday, February 27, 2011

free frames & a bootful of finds

my lovely friend Linda offered 3 frames to me last week that she no longer wanted, and dropped them off the other day.
i had a couple of ideas in mind for them, but decided on using them for our bedroom wall.
yes, i know, i WAS going to hang the large round mirror here. but, i changed my mind! how surprising!

Mike and i sat down with a coffee and the iPad, and chose 3 of our favourite photos of the girls.
i then hopped on down to K-Mart and got them printed off in 8x10 size. to have them done instantly cost only $5 each!

the detail pretty of the frame shows through where i have lightly sanded.

the guy accidentally printed them off in sepia too, so i can change them later if i want.

i was far too impatient to find a framing place to cut matting, so used up the rest of Kacey's sketch book. the paper was nice and thick and will do for now.... just don't look TOO close!

all ready to hang

before shot

i was up at 5:10am for my market 'hit' and lucky i took the station wagon.
this is what i came home with.
i have LOTS of painting to do!!

here's one of my purchases. an old timber door from a cupboard, complete with a bevelled mirror. you can see there's a bit of damage to the silvering in the light. not sure whether to leave as is or paint?? i was also thinking of getting a nice chunky door handle to attach just below where the lock once was.

so that's my weekend.
we will get the photo of Kace on the right redone, as it's a bit too dark, but I'm happy with it for now :)
Kate x

i have had a bit of interest in the chandelier cushions,
and will be putting in an order this week, so let me know if you'd like one :)
email me at
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  1. Great job on the frames - I love them! I also do a lot of them, as when thrifting I have a lot of misses but always find frames. Such a lovely look with the white/sepia images. Really gorgeous above your bed and stunning photos.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new find. x

  2. Goodness the frames came up fantastic!! Love them!

  3. Looks great! I painted a table this weekend and my back is paying for it now. I think I'm too old for this caper!

  4. Great job! Love your old door find too and I would leave the actual mirror as is. Its character from its past life and reflections.
    Ness xx

  5. Very pretty frames and photos. I like them over the bed. I have done the same with three fern prints.

    Love the old door too, I say leave it like it is, has character.


  6. Lovely frames and the photo's are beautiful, isnt it great when a plan comes together ;-)) Love the old door as well, have a lovely week,dee x

  7. The frames are Perfect for those lovely Black and White pictures!
    I also cannot have enough of frames in any size!
    Hello from Germany,

  8. Your frame makeover is fabulous Kate and it looks like you had a great time at the market. Have a lovely week. xx

  9. can't believe how transformed the frames are ... they look great!

  10. They look great! Thanks for the "tip" about photo printing at K-Mart. Only been Down Under for a few months, so it's nice to learn what I can get done where from your blog!

  11. Love the pictures over the bed, they look great! The mirror door, if it was me I would leave the foxing on the mirror, I love that time worn look as you know!!

  12. Looks fantastic! well done. Fiona