Wednesday, February 23, 2011

light and white

remember what this mirror looked like a few days ago?
after gazing at her for long periods of time, i decided it was too gold and brassy in colour to leave as is. so here she is after the white treatment! umm, yes, i had to sit in the bath to take this one ;)
it's pretty dark and overcast here this afternoon (ahh, i hear the rain now) so the girl's bathroom, bathing in the soft afternoon light, was the best place to take a couple of shots.

i have hung onto this image for years, as i hope that one day, i will stumble across the perfect vintage window to do this same project. i'd love something like this to hang on the wall above our bed, but for now, the mirror might do the job nicely.

my next project is to get an electrician in to install all these lovely old chandeliers.
the one below is destined for our room too.

this one will stay above the dining table, but it will be great to actually be able to switch it on!

this 8 arm stunner will hopefully go in the family room......
just have to get the 'ok' from Mike first!
we are also wanting to get a sky light installed in the kitchen to let in more natural light. fingers crossed i'll have both these 'to do's' ticked off my list by the end of the year :)
between the chandeliers and a sky light, this house will be brighter, lighter and a whole lot easier to take photos in!

i want to thank you all once again for your encouraging and uplifting comments. i have been so touched by the things that you have written! i can't help but smile as i read each comment. it's taken me a while to get this blog up and running, and for many months, i did post after post with virtually no on lookers or comments at all. i suppose you were all there in your early blogging days too?
i'd love to know a little more about all my lovely followers, so feel free to share about yourself- how your blog came about, what your passions are, etc.
i look forward to reading!!
Kate x
ps I'm linked up with A Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesday's! Go take a look!!

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I just discovered your blog recently, I now am so excited to log on my computer everyday to see what lovely things you have been working on.
    Regards Sue.x

  2. The mirror looks so gorgeous!!I love the chandelier too. Your home is beautiful.


  3. That mirror looks so much better. It looks so delicate.

    Can't believe how many followers you have now - gee that was quick! Sometimes it is hard to find some blogs, I am just glad that you left a comment on mine!

    Gorgeous chandeliers! Pam x

  4. Hi Kate
    The mirror looks wonderful!
    Your house is looking the sound of the new plans too
    Gail xx

  5. Kate, I love the window frame image too!
    Do you remember me borrowing it all those years ago, I made one and absolutely love it!
    Ill send you an image if you like.
    Your creations look great
    xo Nat