Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 minute sewing project

a lot of my decorating and projects have been a little focused around pieces that have been passed down to me from my grandparents.

i had 3 wonderful sets of grandparents up until a few years ago (as my dad's parents divorced and remarried before i was born) and lost 3 of them within 5 months of each other in 2009/2010. that was really difficult, as i had always hung off their every word, spent as much time as possible with those that lived close, and always rang them regularly. my girls were blessed to have great grandparents for so long too. i now have only one grandparent and he lives in England.

last weekend, i visited the home of my grandparents on my mum's side for the last time before it goes on the market. i bought back a few items including 2 little round ottoman's. these have been around since i was a toddler and i couldn't bear to see them go. so they came home with me.
i was going to paint today, but the rainy weather drew me back inside to the sewing machine.
i have never done anything like this before, but here goes!

i am hopeless when it comes to following patterns, and don't mind a little imperfection, so i just figure it out as i go.

firstly, i turned the ottoman upside down and traced around it. i centred it on the flowers i wanted to be seen on the top. i then cut about an inch outside of the circle i traced.
i sat my sewing box on the top to stop the fabric from sliding while i pinned the sides on.
this fabric was from an old vintage curtain, so i placed the finished edge along the bottom to save me from having to hem it.
halfway there!
now to do the other side.
i went nice and slowly, pulling out the pins as i went.
i trimmed the edges to stop it looking too bulky when on right-side-out.
ta da!!
it would probably look even better if i could be bothered ironing it.
no, your eyes aren't blurry. that's my bad photography!
before shot
i have another one to cover. it's cream, so i think it might get the white treatment....

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  1. The ottoman looks amazing and I love the fabric you have chosen.

    I made mine in exactly the same way you have shown us. It is a bit of 'hit and miss' isn't it?... but it but turns out alright in the end. Looks fab. Well done!
    Pam x

  2. How pretty! I am lucky ot have many of my Mom's treasures as well as my Nana's.

    I remember visiting both my Nanas and they would have these ottomans but call them hassocks!

  3. absolutely love this (I think I have the same fabric, in my amoire stash!!) It looks beautiful!

  4. I just wanted to say Hello i find you via the lovely Bayside Rose blog who had put a link to you, i am so glad she did. I love your ottomans they look 70's to me i may be wrong, but you did a smashing job on them well done ;-)) Dee

  5. Oh my, I love your makeover, that fabric is delightful! Just popping by at the suggestion of Pam at Bayside Rose. Lovely blog! :)

  6. wonderful makeover. looks great! Fiona