Friday, April 8, 2011

Grandpa's Drawers

hello everyone!
i thought i'd revisit a furniture makeover that was completed early last year with you.

this lovely old chest of drawers came from my grandparents home.
no one else wanted to take them, and i couldn't bear for them to leave the family,
so they came home to our house.

here they are in our bedroom.
that's also Grandpa's silver water jug with the roses in it.

here's what they looked like when they lived in Grandpa's study. he sat his keys and various photos on the top, and the drawers held his winter woollies.

Mike helped me with this one.
he spend hours sanding them right back.

and then i got to the painting.
one coat later and i'm already loving the new look.

i debated whether to replace the handles with glass ones.
the cost of replacing them was huge, so i stayed with the original ones.
and i'm so glad i did :)

all finished!
i love how the handles really 'pop' against the white.

they now hold my scarves (and boy do i have a big collection of those) jewelry
and some of MY winter woollies :)
what special piece or pieces have you held onto?
Kate x

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  1. Kate, i don't have any sentimental furniture, but will always have a place for the two things that Tyrone last bought me in primary school Mother's Day stalls, now that he's in high school and finished with them! One is a glass jar with leadlight flowers that i'm currently using as our toothbrush holder int he bathroom, and the other is a brightly striped egg cup that looks so cute amongst one of my photo frame displays. They both came with chocolates, and i remember being so impressed with his choice. Can't wait for Will's foray into Mother's Day stalls now!

  2. Great job. Lots of hard work, but well worth it. Looking forward to more posts. Diane

  3. wow nice job loving it! im sure it took you long time to finish it, but oh yeah it worth it. keep it up Kate and thx for the post :)