Thursday, April 14, 2011

a new look!

as you can see, my blog has been given a facelift!
and i owe all the thanks to the lovely Megan Horsfall over
at Happy Splat Design.
As a talented graphic designer, she is full of passion for her work,
and her creations are amazing!
if you are after a professional look for your business,
need help getting a logo together etc,
it's worth checking out her website.
she listens to what you're wanting and then works her magic!
my little business card design (that matches my blog header) has just gone off to print,
and i can't wait to get them!
have a lovely day everyone!
Kate x
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  1. I love the new look Kate, it's perfect.

  2. Love the new look too Kate. It is so you.
    Pam x

  3. Love it Kate! Even the font is fabulous! How wonderful, a lovely way to celebrate the big 100 followers. xx

  4. Looks fabulous Kate. You're so busy and going great guns! Well done!! Sonia :)

  5. Love your new fresh and pretty!

  6. Love it, Kate, I have one of those old baskets i may just have to res erect it.....being the season of res erections and all....

  7. Gorgeous Kate! A new blog design is on the cards for sometime this year, so will deffo earmark your recommendation.