Saturday, April 30, 2011

what an end to the week!!

Here's a fairly recent pic of my hubby and I on our annual holiday at the beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. It was one day before our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
He will be fine and is expected to make a full recovery, but has been in hospital for the last few days with severe appendicitis.
On Wednesday morning, after a wonderful long Easter weekend with our family, he woke feeling pretty awful. We thought he had a tummy bug, as so much is going around at the moment!
I headed off to work and left him in bed to rest. The aches and pains all through his body started to localise in the appendix region. After a phone call to his Dad ( a fabulous specialist doctor) he told us what to look for through the night and to head to hospital 1st thing in the morning. And that we did.
A blood test confirmed Appendicitis and he was taken into surgery that afternoon. The appendix began to rupture as they removed it, and he is on IV anitbiotics to kill off all those nasty little bugs!
He has never experienced so much pain, and I have never seen my hubby so sick!
We are hoping to bring him home today and will be heading up to the hospital very soon.

I got up nice and early, and got into the painting! We have had lots of cold wet weather this week, and I was so happy to wake to blue skies and sunshine.
Here's what I whipped up this morning.
Painted white on the inside, and white with a hint of french grey on the outside.
Shabbied around the edges too. This little shelf now has a bit of a 'beachy' look I think.
Great for CD's, little books and toys, soaps and washers in the bathroom, or for storing your pretties.
Pink cup and saucer from a friend.
love this 'rings and things' trinket I found yesterday.
also found this cute vase.
this little shelf along with some other things, is listed on eBay here. Just click on the button in the right hand side bar.
time to get my girls out of their PJ's and up to the hospital. I'm getting lots of txt's that are reading "I'm bored stupid" and "don't be late coming to visit".
When I asked him yesterday what food he might like me to get him, he answered "no food, just my iPhone, my Ipad, headphones and company!"
Love him and want to get him home :)
Kate x

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  1. It is so scary when things like that happen. I'm so glad you got to a Doctor in time. Lovely painting!

  2. Good to hear he's doing so well and hope he makes a speedy recovery. My 15 year old nephew nearly died at xmas from ruptured appendix and subsequent infection. I never realised it was such a serious thing.

    TDM xx

  3. So glad your hubby is ok. Great job with the painting. I love the cup and saucer your friend gave you, it's so pretty! Continued good wishes for your hubby to make a quick and complete recovery.He will be home soon I am sure.

  4. Hi Kate, how scary that must have been, I hope he's back to his old self in no time at all.
    I love the way you've transformed the shelves....well done

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your hubs. Good thing you got to the hospital right away. My son's appendix ruptured and had been ruptured two weeks before going to the emergency room. He nearly died. I'm so glad that your husband is okay.

    I love your cute shelf. Very pretty.