Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the posty has been!

so excited so excited!!!
my gorgeous business cards arrived today! BIG yay!!
i love them. all 500 of them.
back and front.
matching my blog as you can see, but the pics on the back are straight.

card reads:
"Lilies For Kate"
'Vintage Furniture & other finds'
and on the back:
my blog address
"Do you like the vintage look?
I can help you find the perfect piece or
restore furniture that you already have.
Furniture painted on consignment."
happy me :)
who wants one?! ha ha ;)
(yes, i'm just a little proud :))
i won't be running out of them in a hurry...
i'm in the middle of making something for my laundry makeover.
i'm so happy with how it's all coming together!
Kate x
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  1. I love them Kate :) How wonderful to validate your talent and turn an interest into something really exciting. Go you. R xo

  2. They look great! What a great and exciting time for you :))

  3. I'll have one! :) What are your plans for them Kate? They are beautiful!!