Friday, April 22, 2011

laundry redo

it's taken me all week (due to going back to work this week!) but it's done!
i also had to wait for that cute eBay purchase 'laundry' sign to arrive :)
i am just loving the transformation, and it's hardly cost me a cent.

i added the cute 'wash' and 'clean' notes to my metal baskets.
i've never put flowers in my laundry before, but i'm going to try and remember to do it more often. i really believe you can make those everyday chores alot more pleasant by making your surroundings pleasing to the eye.
laundry baskets- one for hanging stuff out, and the other for collecting the dirty washing.
i made this heart shaped raggy wreath the other day using a cane shaped heart and 2 vintage pillowcases. i made some for Christmas. you can see them here in an earlier post.
now that there is no need for a laundry basket to be sitting on the floor,
i can open the door right back.
love the glass knob on my old cupboard :)
i hung this vintage light fitting myself. it was a $2 op shop find and i was originally using it to hold a candle as you can see here.
i am so pleased with my painted up $2 shelf!
it now holds beach finds, vintage items and faux greenery from Ikea.
the little black heart shaped rock was found years ago on a favourite beach.
i love that i could incorporate some little birds into my new laundry look.
further down, you'll see i also have an iron door stop with a birdy on top!

this framed teatowel has been hanging in the study, but i'm liking in here for now.
this was one of my 1st bloggy projects and you can go back and visit it here.
shells and coral hide the ugly washing machine hose.
some lisianthus to pretty up the soap dish :)

little mirror to reflect the glass comport of shells found on our Lord Howe Island holiday.

my lovely old cupboard has scrubbed up well.
see my little birdy door stop?
my good old soaking bucket. get used everyday!
it lives in the laundry tub.
so there you have it. another project complete.
laundry before....
see the basket behind the door? made opening the door right up difficult.
and the cupboard (as pretty as it is) made the room feel smaller than it needed to be.
thanks for visiting :))
Kate x
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  1. I just love what you have done with your laundry. It looks fabulous!! You certainly have an eye for detail Kate.

  2. The laundry is looking gorgeous I would so love a laundry like it, would help when doing the washing for my male household.

  3. this laundry would make me actually want to be in there washing my it Kate....u r very talented

  4. Can't wait to decorate my own laundry now Kate, as its similarly a long narrow-ish shape too - wall storage/decoration is definitely the way to go for space saving isn't it, and i agree with the idea that having a pretty laundry makes you much keener to get in there and wash things!!

  5. This is lovely and the stuff of my dreams. Unfortunately hubbie has his bits and pieces around everywhere so I'm fighting a losing battle in our laundry. One can dream though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. aaawww its looks so lovely you have so many pretty things in there what a great room to do the laundry in. Love that little heart wreath you made what a great idea. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  7. Oh, that is just beautiful! All your little bits and pieces look just right! Great work!

  8. You did a fantastic job...I thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

  9. If I lived closer I'd be doing my laundry at your house!!

    It looks fantastic...great job!

  10. I love the makeover Kate. Everything fits so well together. It's amazing how more opened up the room looks. My favourite has to be the blue/white heart using vintage pillowcases....fantastic idea! You are so right about how making things more prettier does help us enjoy the more mundane jobs around the house. You've inspired me......again!

  11. Stunning Stunning.... Did I say stunning? I wanna put you on my blog roll
    Best Carolyn

  12. job well done Kate, it is so easy to forget the laundry as a room you can decorate. It's very you.
    Steph x

  13. Well done. Love it. How bright and sunny. You might actually love doing laundry now.

  14. This is fabulous! I love it! I am so jealous! I want to "prettify" my laundry room soon! :) I am a new follower from CBPH and I would love it if you would link this up to my new blog link up party @
    Have a fantastic week! :)

  15. SO CUTE! Almost makes me wanna do laundry....almost ;)!

  16. You did such a great job! I would love to do laundry there :)
    Found you through the Creative bloggers party hop :) New follower & can't wait to see more!

  17. This would definitely make laundry a happier thing :)

  18. Love it... you made it MORE than a laundry room!

    DesignHouse Inc

  19. This is is so fabulously gorgeous! I am bookmarking this one!

  20. This turned out beautiful! Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)