Sunday, April 17, 2011

market finds, laundry ideas & a WINNER!

good morning!
i thought i'd start with a little laundry inspiration.
i've been having lots of fun on Pinterest making my own boards and found some lovely laundry images. it then dawned on me me that it was time for a bit of a change up in my laundry!
i tried loading these gorgeous images onto my post, but couldn't work out how to do it. i will...... in due time. i'm not very technically savvy to say the least!
here are a few things that i will base my laundry decor around.
*Granny's well weathered and loved basket
* 2 'steadysticks' metal baskets
*an old shabby and chippy sideboard

the top had seen better days, so Mike replaced it for me yesterday.
he also cleaned it out and sanded it all down. aww :))
i then scrubbed it with jif, rubbed white paint over the new pine top and sanded it.
(just for something different lol!!)
i had planned to repaint the whole thing, but decided to stick with the original paint job
and add a nice big chunky glass knob ;)

it's been in the outdoor area for ages,
and i wasn't sure what i'd do with it until yesterday!
it was an eBay find- i was outbid at the last second, then a few weeks later was contacted by the seller as it hadn't been picked up!
and i just had to have it. now i know why!
it was destined for my laundry- fits perfectly!
i will show full pics once the laundry is all done :)

now, i think i have the smallest ever made laundry.
it's teeny tiny.

here you can see my lovely old wardrobe that hides all the laundry mess.
it was a free council roadside pickup.
Mike stripped it back and painted it for me.
i them made the fabric curtain. as pretty as it is in here, i wanted to replace it with something that would make the laundry feel a bit bigger than it is. (if that's at all possible)
oh, and the mess on top of the washing machine? left by the girls who were cleaning out their fishbowls....grrrr

so, the plan is to head to Ikea tomorrow and look for shelving, tin pots and some faux greenery
and i'll be back with a made over laundry room soon!
and now, onto some market finds from today!
lovely old champagne bucket $5
glass bird and fine porcelain bunny $5 for the pair
gorgeous blue Portman's top $5
oh and a $2 shelf that will probably go and live in the laundry too.
it got one coat of paint and a sand. i'm really liking the 'whitewash' look at the moment.
shelf before....
now that i've raved on about laundry stuff and market stuff,
it's time to announce the winner of my giveaway!

congratulations to one of my newest followers!
please contact me with your details so i can post off your goodies this week!
have a great week everyone!
Kate x
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  1. Kate I love your sweet laundry! What a find that little wardrobe was. The curtain looks just lovely. Market finds are great too, I adore the bunny!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. I loved your post today, and then WOO HOO I'm so excited, I won! Thanks so much. I'm emailing you right now.


  3. Sorry, can't find your email address. Can you email me?


  4., love, love that wardrobe! What a unique piece for a laundry area! I also am eyeing your new champagne bucket!

  5. What lovely market finds! Makes me want to get out there and find some similar treasures. And the shelf looks so good with a coat of white... thanks for sharing!
    - Andrea