Saturday, June 4, 2011

HUGE dining table

here are some pics of the dining table i told you about. i painted it up for a friend who recently graduated with her PhD. this was her present from her husband.
they gave me some details as to what they were after, and i found this beauty on eBay.
made from recycled timber, it was just what they were after for their family of 5.
it was painted antique white and heavily sanded so that the varying
colours of the timber would show through.
check out the size of the legs!
it was a mammoth job to say the least!
it took about the same time as my kitchen hutch i painted up.
you can see it here.
it had to be thoroughly sanded, to remove the stain and varnish. Mike did this part for me!
3 hours of sanding and cleaning for it to look like this!
4 coats of paint, a good sand (which equaled a good workout for me!) and 2 coats of
sealer got us this result....

i was so pleased to hear from the owners of the table once they had had their 1st family meal:

"thankyou Kate for helping us create a lovely family heirloom.

the whole family made my PhD possible so it was lovely
to have our symbol of success come from the talents of a friend."

Kate x
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  1. This is simply gorgeous! (I clicked to follow you!) How special to have such a gorgeous reminder of all that hard work in school. It is indeed a family heirloom! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    PS, I see you are from Australia ... my kids have just discovered "Mortified" on Netflix. We are all practicing our accents in case we are ever blessed enough to visit!!! :-) Have a wonderful week, Jules