Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mirror display

after finding the bevelled edge mirror with the pretty etched bird yesterday in an op shop for $8, i knew i finally had enough to do a wall display. i have been wanting to do this for years, but don't like to 'mix' my mirrors. what i mean is, the display had to consist of mirrors with a similiar edge- ie- all these have either a bevelled or pic crust edge. no actual frame.

i thought the 'rule' to hanging mirrors, or displaying anything for that matter, was to group items in odd numbers. so, when i first started to work on mirror positioning, i was working with 5 large vintage mirrors.

and it wasn't working!
so i grabbed the cutie off my daughter's wall and chucked it in the middle.
then it finally came together.

taking at least a couple of photos of your display on the floor helps to get them in the right place when transferring your 'design' to the wall. i measured out approximately how much room the display would need on the wall, then hung one at a time- starting with the diamond shaped one at the top, then referring back to my camera before hanging the next. i did it all without any man power too!

and here's the end result. yes, the A/C is cranking out the cold air on this super hot Australia Day!
we have enjoyed a quiet one at home. the day started with a sleep in for all, followed by a huge cooked breaky.

i also picked up this sweet $1 scrolly frame yesterday. i scratched through some old photos and found one to fit. i can't believe this photo of Emily and Kacey was taken over 8 years ago. my how the years fly past!

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  1. Beautiful old mirrors are my weakness...yours are gorgeous and I love the vignette you created with them!

  2. I love the mirrors...very pretty!

  3. Really pretty mirror display.

  4. Oh, I love it, very nice! I have several mirrors like yours, I may have to borrow your idea!