Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the entry is done!

after almost 8 years in this house, i can finally say one room is officially completed! yay! of course some of the smaller decor will move around, but all in all, the entry is done. (that door takes you through to our study)

here's a breakdown of what is in the entry and the costs involved.

this chandelier was the final purchase and addition. i found it when flicking through a 'Home Beautiful' mag last year, and decided it was perfect for the entry. it is from Beacon Lighting and was on special for $89.95.

the birdie was about $10 from a garden shop. the twine a couple of dollars from Bunnings.

i've had this resin frame for years. a $6 cheapie from Target. i added the fabic.

you are probably getting tired of seeing this stool! it is happy here at the front door and adds a pop of colour. it was a $3 market find and the fabric used to cover it was about a dollar.

these 3 frames were originally bright yellow with country pics. i revamped them with some white paint, a light sand and some fabric.

this side of the entry looks through to the formal lounge room. the walls have been painted in Antique White USA.
the lamps you can see through there were also markets finds- $5 each.

the table was an eBay purchase for about $70 and came with the cut glass knobs. i have recently repainted it white to freshen it up. the mat at the door was an Ikea find at $4. i bought 2 so that one can be washed/soaked while using the other.

and lastly, the mirror. the most exy piece at $150. a birthday pressie years ago.

so there you have it. an entry complete, and not done on a huge budget at all.
i think it pays off to buy pieces over time, rather than jumping in and buying everything at once. it gives you a chance to work out what you really love.

i have a few other rooms that are almost complete. i'll share those as they are finished too!

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  1. Love what you have done with your entry.
    The chandelier from Beacon is so pretty. Makes it much easier when you can revamp some bargain buys.

  2. Looks great. Very creative with the way you have put things together. I have a huge tin of Antique White USA sitting in the cupboard, waiting for the kids to go back to school so I can get stuck into some painting. Looking forward to more. X Marnie

  3. I really love the lighting, great job on everything! :))))))))

  4. It's so refreshing seeing how an Aussie does things. I follow many blogs from the U.S. and the U.K. and they have access to things we can only dream about. Your blog is showing how it can be done just as beautifully using some creativity and hard work and......patience.