Friday, January 14, 2011

i heart mirrors

welcome to SOME of my mirror collection. yes, i have an embarrassing number throughout the house. i didn't photograph all of them, but you get the idea.

i can't even say that these are my favourites, as i love them all for different reasons. the one up the top was a birthday pressie from Mike many years ago.

the one below has a twin that now lives at my friend and market buddy Stephenie's. we nearly hyperventilated when we found them at a deceased estate sale. it might get painted one day, but for now i love the colour. such pretty detail. they just don't make them like this anymore.

this cutie is in Em's room. $5 from the markets. venetian mirrors with all their etching and bevelled edges get me everytime.
i went through a 'cherub' stage and picked this up for $3. the girls fight over whose turn it is to have it in their bedroom. mirrors never hang in the same place for long :)

ok, so i don't really have a place for these at the moment, but i love to overlap them and have them sitting together. the one in the middle is the newest addition to the mirror family. i was handing some stuff in to the local Vinnie's and there it was. just waiting for me. i didn't need it, but for $5 it wasn't staying behind.

and it's not always all about mirrors. i love things with mirrored surfaces. the sweet little dish was $3 and i picked it up at the same time from Vinnie's too.
mercury glass items make me 'gasp and grab' too. can't leave them behind either! the little pots below are great for a few flowers out of the garden or for pens and pencils. i might have to move Mr Fish somewhere else, as i plan to sit in this little nook when i start some more study this year.

having so many mirrors around helps lighten up our living areas, and helps them appear larger. and i just love that. even if it does shows up a random floating balloon.

old pie crust edged pieces. love.

mercury glass candlesticks. my mum-in-law knows me well and got these for my birthday one year.

sometimes the actual mirror is hazy with age. don't care.

mirrored frame with fabric. love the age to this one. it came with an original picture of 'the last supper' which still in the back. not quite right for my decor, but wouldn't throw it out.

i gave this one the mosaic treatment using old saucers.

this little one came from my Grandparents place. it reflects the old clock which also came from their place.

again, this shows SOME of my mirrored photo frame collection. yes, you're probably right if you are now starting to think i have a problem ;)

last but not least, a pretty mirror with loads of scrolls. i painted it up and it set me back a whopping $1. i think it was this beauty that got me hooked in the first place! i do sell alot of stuff on eBay, but you are unlikely to see mirrors for sale.

what's your obsession? or do you have more than one like me!!?

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  1. Hi, just found your blog on 'a beach cottage' linky party. What a beautiful home you have made. Hope you don't mind if I come along for the ride ;o)

    c xx

  2. Gorgeous collection of mirrors, they look really fabulous Kate.

  3. I am so happy I found your is beautiful! I love old mirrors too!! You have some beauties!

    Have a wonderful day!