Saturday, January 22, 2011

HUGE blackboard

here's my finished blackboard i promised i'd show to you. um, it was meant to be for the girls, but i'm kinda liking it for my own "list of things to do"!!

i had originally stapled foam and fabric to this mdf and hung it above our bed as a feature. i tired of this pretty quickly (fairly normal for me!) and decided it would make a fabulous blackboard.

once the fabric and foam was removed, i sprayed the mdf with blackboard paint left over from my previous smaller blackboard project.

i then purchased a tin of Dulux blackboard paint and gave it 2 more coats with a brush. White Knight also does it in a tin, but washing up has to be done in turps as it's oil based paint. The Dulux version is water based- made it an easy decision for me, as i hate washing up in turps!

i then left it to dry for a couple of hours, and rubbed it over with chalk. this helps to make writing and drawing a little smoother.

my trusty staple gun helped get it back into the frame.

i had the chalk in an old jar,

but think i favour the chalk sitting in this soft pink mini bucket.

i started with an array of mirrors on my desk,

coupled with some mercury glass items.

but, as usual, i change my mind without even meaning to.
my little artists are busting to have a draw on it, so i'll move it temporarily to the floor for them.

i've decided the blackboard is more practical than the mirrors, and being a "list" person myself, it makes more sense for it to live right here ;)

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  1. Hi kate, I've missed a few of your blog posts so have enjoyed going back through, particularly the mirror one as I love mirrors too (not to look in though just as an aesthetic!!) Love them all grouped together the way you have. Black board looks great, I actually went down the other day and bought a can of black board paint, you have inspired me again so thanks for that!!

  2. I love the blackboard atop the desk. Loving the mirrors too you could just hang them as a collection next to your desk!