Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outside Colour

it's a bright and sunny day up here in Brisbane today which is a nice change from the bucket loads of rain we have had.
it's so nice to step outside and see the sun shining on everything. the garden is so lush and green and the flowers are so happy looking!

this vintage sheet looks great as a tablecloth on my outdoor table. this is where we had our 1st meal for the year ( a BBQ breaky- what else!!) with some close friends.

it poured through the night and my succulents are still holding a little of the rain.

i found these gorgeous striped cushions in the sales :)

the bright 'red riding hood' climber from G'pa's garden still as happy in our garden.

my pretty plumbago grows like crazy out near the pool. i love sitting here while the girls swim.

a little limp from last night's down pour, but still so soft and dainty.

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