Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so thankful

over the last week or so we have been bombarded with the awful news and images of what the rain and flood waters have done across Queensland. and now it seems to be Victoria's turn.
we live on the north side of Brisbane, about 20 minutes from the city and have not been directly affected by the flooding at all. and i'm feeling so thankful. so grateful. so blessed.
whenever i walk through the door into our home, i see this blackboard, and am reminded immediately of all we have, and all that others have lost.
and the generosity of Australians, both through time and donations, is truly overwhelmingly wonderful.
it is a good time to sit back and think about how we can give to those who have less than us. and the perfect opportunity to look around us at what we would normally take for granted.
as a family, we plan to use this blackboard for quotes that inspire us, and for small words of encouragement. my younger daughter has decided she would like a larger blackboard, so i'm working on one :) halfway finished. just need more blackboard paint!
i'll show you when i'm done....

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  1. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you. May it pass speedily and recovery be even faster. God bless and keep you and yours well.