Tuesday, January 11, 2011

make cushions while the rain falls

we've all heard the term "make hay while the sun shines" well i've altered that 'saying' slightly as you can see from my post title!

the weather we are currently experiencing in Brisbane is nothing short of bizarre. flash flooding, evacuation warnings, sandbags along the Brisbane River and underground carparks in the city and suburbs close to the city cleared. The deluge (reportedly the size of Sydney Harbour) that has inundated Toowoomba is headed our way. And our dams, rivers and creeks are already full. Roads are pot hole filled and closed in many areas. Today, the 11th January 2011 will be a telling day for the South East of Queensland. Drought one day, flooding the next!

So, the school shoe shopping has been put on hold, as has a trip to Seaworld and a visit to the Sunshine Coast. The 30+ Olay face moisturiser has been pushed to the back of the bathroom drawer, as night cream will do the job. No sun to be seen!

And I was able to cross another fun task off my holiday list: making some cushion covers- from the most delicious vintage fabric I have ever come across! (so far anyway :)
I even made little ties at the bottom.

i had to take photos right near the windows as the light is terrible at the moment.

i backed them with white linen napkins. that helped get them nice and square too.

you may remember this little stool from a previous post. it's also covered in this yummy rose fabric. sadly it's all used up now :(

now it's time to cross off a not so fun task- the ironing.....

what have you been keeping yourself busy with these holidays?
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