Monday, January 31, 2011

pretty storage for your bedding

if you are anything like me, you love all your storage- whether on display or tucked away, to be pretty.
when i open my drawers and cupboards, i want what i see, to make me smile ;)
i make a point of using floral boxes (that might have had a gift given in them) to hold all those things that don't need to be seen- notepaper, gift wrap, birthday cards.
i use pretty containers to separate clothing, pink tins and buckets to hold hair elastics, bathroom and laundry cleaners, ribbon tied and labelled wicker baskets for herbs and spices, and my newest storage idea- orphan pillowcases to hold my bedding.
i mostly like to use pillowcases in pairs, but i do have some lovely single ones that seem to just sit in the cupboard.
so why not use them to store that blanket, doona, quilt or throw that is not in use?
it will keep them dust free and makes you smile when you open the cupboard!
the cotton doona below is king sized and fits easily into a standard pillowcase. a great way to use and view pretty linen that was picked up from an op shop, or was a hand-me-down from nanna.
i found this tassled chenille beauty at a church garage sale for $5, and it fits perfectly into a pillowcase. when it's not being used, it can be thrown into the top of my walk in robe and not get covered in dust bunnies!

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  1. Well you are full of great ideas! I think that I might put that one to use! Thank you lovely Kate!

  2. Such a lovely idea. thanks for sharing and thanks so much for the inspiration. Loving the white chenille.

    Pam x

    (My iron rocker and cushion that I bought from you a while, back sits on my deck and is sooo comfortable)

  3. This is an awesome idea. I'm going to be searching for some pretty pillowcases when I go op. shopping.

  4. Excellent idea! I'll be on the hunt for some pretty pillow cases now too!