Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday morning stool makeovers

it feels like ages since i've opened a tin of paint and given something a new look. i bought the cute little red stool last weekend at the markets for a tiny $3. i gave the legs and underneath a few coats of crisp white paint. each coat of paint dried so quickly in this lovely sunny weather we have today. i then stapled on some gorgeous vintage fabric from a find a few weeks ago. i just love it's new look!
the piano stool was purchased through eBay many years ago and has seen the girls through many hours of piano practice! sadly the fabric had seen better days, as the girls often decided to practice in wet swimmers after being in the pool! so easily fixed with my trusty staple gun. love the english cottage garden feel the stool now has.

happy Saturday everyone.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

champagne roses

champagne roses- i had them in my wedding bouquet nearly 15 years ago. the colour is so soft and romantic. i have always been a lover of roses, no matter what the colour, but champagne roses would have to be my favourite.
i must admit, if i do buy myself some flowers (or if my lovely hubby surprises me) it's always lillies- preferably white ones. i get almost 2 weeks out of a bunch and the perfume is just gorgeous. they make themselves so worth the money!
anyway, back to the roses....
my mother-in-law surprised me with the bunch pictured in 2004 when i had a week's stay in hospital- and it was only 2 weeks before Christmas. NOT where i wanted to be! and what a pick-me-up they were! we all know how sterile and unfriendly a hospital room feels, so a bunch of your fav flowers does wonders.
and then there's the name champagne roses. now, i just love an icy glass of bubbles! i'm happy to celebrate any occasion with a glass at anytime! even if it is the fact that i've made it through to friday!
have a great weekend :)
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

biggest EVER makeover

i thought i'd show you my biggest ever furniture makeover. we purchased this gorgeous timber hutch when i was 34 weeks pregnant with Emily. it was the last purchase we made while being on a double income and something we had been looking at for ages. we finally decided on this beauty, and we were very happy! back then, i was swept up in the 'country' look- my home was decorated in lots of timber, raffia, country cloth dolls and hatstands.
i had thought of painting the hutch for 5 years before i found the courage to actually do it! it's one thing to paint an op shop find, but to paint a piece that was bought for $999; that was hard!!
one fine February afo, i decided it was time. the hutch was almost 12 years old.
after 2 coasts of 'antique white USA', i decided it needed to be another colour. so off i marched to Bunnings in search of the perfect french grey. i went with 'white albatross' which is anything but white! it was the closest i could find to grey, and it ended up a soft grey/lavender blue. i just love the colour. it compliments my lounge room to a tea!
it was a BIG job to say the least, and took just under 2 weeks of almost daily coats. i couldn't be happier with the end result.
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