Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tiffany Blue beachy cupboard

oh my goodness! 2 posts in one day?! it must be holidays!!
we have all stayed in our PJ's for the majority of the day. love days like that.

the rest of the fam decided to watch a DVD. being someone who can't sit still for longer than 5 minutes, i had to do something. sewing was first on my list, but my machine is in being serviced and doesn't get dropped off till tomoro.
i wasn't going to paint anything today because of the wet weather, but i couldn't help myself!

and the best way to do that is??
get the husband to shift a sheet under the chosen cupboard that is currently inside the house.
then put the pedastal fan on high in between coats! works a treat!!
i went to Pinterest for some inspiration first. i knew i wanted to use some aqua, but wasn't sure how. i made up some half strength aqua, this is what i came up with. i think it's almost a perfect match for Tiffany & Co blue!!
i only applied one coat of the aqua, because i wanted a "washed" beachy look.
i used a very fine sandpaper over the whole cupboard.
to "lighten" the aqua of this jar, i filled it with white doilies.

all it needs now is a nice big glass knob.
cupboard before....
more rain forecast for tomorrow. sigh.
Kate x

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an AQUA side table & a few finds

well we are smack bang in the middle of both school holidays and Winter here in Brisbane.
it has pretty much rained non stop for the last 24 hours, is currently 13*
and is only expected to reach a top of 16*. hmm, not my ideal!
last week was lovely and sunny and i managed to get this cute little side table
i'm loving the detail in the legs. this cutie is going right next to my corner lounge.
(sneek peek of another makeover in the background- i'll be back to show you the rest
of it very soon!)

On Sunday morning, i was up at 4:10am and ventured off to do a market stall
with a couple of friends i work with. i love a good clean out, and it's a great way to
fill the wallet with some extra cash for the holidays.

a few purchases- gorgeous green and pink crochet throw rug.

pretty perfume bottle (centre)
and another lovely tablecloth :)
table before....
i have a facebook page here. if you're not following along already, i'd love to have you click the like button! i often sell treasures on this page and will be parting with a few lovelies soon!
Kate x

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

table & bookcase makeover

here is an old pine table and little bookcase i finished off over the weekend.
i dragged both items into our dining room to take a few pics before
losing the afternoon light.

both the table and bookshelf were painted and heavily shabbied as requested.
that's my gorgeous aqua leather camera bag you can see on the bottom shelf.
i'm so in love with it.
Margo over at 3 Annies is the talented designer. you can find her
facebook page here. tell her i sent you! so worth a visit!
with school holidays just around the corner, i plan on doing alot
more painting in that lovely aqua! my absolute fav colour!
(apart from white, white and white!)

i picked up that awesome aqua glass jar from a discount store!
somehow i seemed to have lost the before pics!
they were just ugly pine anyway. you're not missing out on much!
Kate x
House of Grace

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a SPLASH of high gloss red

happy Monday all!
stopping in quickly to show you what i finished yesterday.
this awesome old school desk has now got the high gloss treatment.
definitely not my colour, but how vibrant and happy does it look?!
Perfect for a school entry. it will have a hugh wall mounted TV
above it showing off photos of what the students have been up to.
6 kiddies would have one sat at this doing their school work.
and each had a place to pop their slate and ink well.
their was no dragging this baby inside to photograph!

i'm scooting out the door to grab fresh bread and lamingtons from
our local bakery for today's school lunches!
Have a great day!
Kate x
homemaker on a dime
a stroll thru life
house of grace

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

to market to market

Good morning all! SO sorry it's been a while since i last checked in.
i am almost ready to show you a few painted pieces i have been working on.
So today, i thought i'd give you a little looky in to my regular visit to my local market.

i thought this vintage box looked pretty cool.
my market bud Steph scored this great piece for her
daughter's bedroom for only a few dollars.
loved these ceramic balls too.
met this lovely girl who has her own coffee shop nearby so will be stopping in
to try it out in the school holidays. i bought a few things from her including these cute hanging fabric fish.
i totally wanted to buy this vintage pendant light but our
ceilings are not high enough to do it justice.
after fruit and veg shopping, and carting all our treasures back to the car, it was
time to grab a fresh apple turnover. yum.
i didn't come home with any vintage items, but got some
great pieces, mainly for Summer. (hurry up Summer i need you)

Sass and Bide top and fun rainbow knit skirt.
groovy charm laiden necklace and scarf to add to my other 356
scarves i have. (slight exaggeration only)
cute shorts and fun top. erm, i don't really want to hug EVERYONE,
so will keep this as a PJ top i think!
perfect 'over the swimmers' dress.
pretty cream cardi and navy singlet top.
and i love me some tops still with tags attached!
fresh fruit and veg. alot of this fruit will be making it's way into some
fruit smoothies for a guilt free snack later on.

only 4 more days till school holidays for us!
i'm planning on doing my own market stall next Sunday.
so much to get rid of!
Kate x

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