Saturday, April 30, 2011

what an end to the week!!

Here's a fairly recent pic of my hubby and I on our annual holiday at the beach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. It was one day before our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
He will be fine and is expected to make a full recovery, but has been in hospital for the last few days with severe appendicitis.
On Wednesday morning, after a wonderful long Easter weekend with our family, he woke feeling pretty awful. We thought he had a tummy bug, as so much is going around at the moment!
I headed off to work and left him in bed to rest. The aches and pains all through his body started to localise in the appendix region. After a phone call to his Dad ( a fabulous specialist doctor) he told us what to look for through the night and to head to hospital 1st thing in the morning. And that we did.
A blood test confirmed Appendicitis and he was taken into surgery that afternoon. The appendix began to rupture as they removed it, and he is on IV anitbiotics to kill off all those nasty little bugs!
He has never experienced so much pain, and I have never seen my hubby so sick!
We are hoping to bring him home today and will be heading up to the hospital very soon.

I got up nice and early, and got into the painting! We have had lots of cold wet weather this week, and I was so happy to wake to blue skies and sunshine.
Here's what I whipped up this morning.
Painted white on the inside, and white with a hint of french grey on the outside.
Shabbied around the edges too. This little shelf now has a bit of a 'beachy' look I think.
Great for CD's, little books and toys, soaps and washers in the bathroom, or for storing your pretties.
Pink cup and saucer from a friend.
love this 'rings and things' trinket I found yesterday.
also found this cute vase.
this little shelf along with some other things, is listed on eBay here. Just click on the button in the right hand side bar.
time to get my girls out of their PJ's and up to the hospital. I'm getting lots of txt's that are reading "I'm bored stupid" and "don't be late coming to visit".
When I asked him yesterday what food he might like me to get him, he answered "no food, just my iPhone, my Ipad, headphones and company!"
Love him and want to get him home :)
Kate x

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend finds

,,sadly the long weekend is coming to an end :(
but i wanted to pop in and show you a few things i happened upon today.
a lovely old mirror. it will looked great propped up somewhere in my home.

this gorgeous scrolly wall art thingy. could be hung inside or out.
a sweet little side table. and i didn't even have to paint it!
a child sized cane chair. i'm going to paint it, but not white.
just not sure what colour yet. any ideas?
sorry about the shadowed photos.
the weather turned very rainy and cloudy this afternoon.
i thought i'd show you my lovely silver plated champagne bucket now that it's had a polish.
it will look great filled with some flowers or even some ice and champas...
i am planning to paint madly over this coming weekend so will have lots to show you soon.
Kate x
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He has risen!

"And being found in appearance as a man,
he humbled himself
and became obedient to death-
even death on a cross!
Therefore God exalted him
to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father."
Philippians 2:8-11
The NIV Study Bible

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Friday, April 22, 2011

laundry redo

it's taken me all week (due to going back to work this week!) but it's done!
i also had to wait for that cute eBay purchase 'laundry' sign to arrive :)
i am just loving the transformation, and it's hardly cost me a cent.

i added the cute 'wash' and 'clean' notes to my metal baskets.
i've never put flowers in my laundry before, but i'm going to try and remember to do it more often. i really believe you can make those everyday chores alot more pleasant by making your surroundings pleasing to the eye.
laundry baskets- one for hanging stuff out, and the other for collecting the dirty washing.
i made this heart shaped raggy wreath the other day using a cane shaped heart and 2 vintage pillowcases. i made some for Christmas. you can see them here in an earlier post.
now that there is no need for a laundry basket to be sitting on the floor,
i can open the door right back.
love the glass knob on my old cupboard :)
i hung this vintage light fitting myself. it was a $2 op shop find and i was originally using it to hold a candle as you can see here.
i am so pleased with my painted up $2 shelf!
it now holds beach finds, vintage items and faux greenery from Ikea.
the little black heart shaped rock was found years ago on a favourite beach.
i love that i could incorporate some little birds into my new laundry look.
further down, you'll see i also have an iron door stop with a birdy on top!

this framed teatowel has been hanging in the study, but i'm liking in here for now.
this was one of my 1st bloggy projects and you can go back and visit it here.
shells and coral hide the ugly washing machine hose.
some lisianthus to pretty up the soap dish :)

little mirror to reflect the glass comport of shells found on our Lord Howe Island holiday.

my lovely old cupboard has scrubbed up well.
see my little birdy door stop?
my good old soaking bucket. get used everyday!
it lives in the laundry tub.
so there you have it. another project complete.
laundry before....
see the basket behind the door? made opening the door right up difficult.
and the cupboard (as pretty as it is) made the room feel smaller than it needed to be.
thanks for visiting :))
Kate x
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the posty has been!

so excited so excited!!!
my gorgeous business cards arrived today! BIG yay!!
i love them. all 500 of them.
back and front.
matching my blog as you can see, but the pics on the back are straight.

card reads:
"Lilies For Kate"
'Vintage Furniture & other finds'
and on the back:
my blog address
"Do you like the vintage look?
I can help you find the perfect piece or
restore furniture that you already have.
Furniture painted on consignment."
happy me :)
who wants one?! ha ha ;)
(yes, i'm just a little proud :))
i won't be running out of them in a hurry...
i'm in the middle of making something for my laundry makeover.
i'm so happy with how it's all coming together!
Kate x
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

market finds, laundry ideas & a WINNER!

good morning!
i thought i'd start with a little laundry inspiration.
i've been having lots of fun on Pinterest making my own boards and found some lovely laundry images. it then dawned on me me that it was time for a bit of a change up in my laundry!
i tried loading these gorgeous images onto my post, but couldn't work out how to do it. i will...... in due time. i'm not very technically savvy to say the least!
here are a few things that i will base my laundry decor around.
*Granny's well weathered and loved basket
* 2 'steadysticks' metal baskets
*an old shabby and chippy sideboard

the top had seen better days, so Mike replaced it for me yesterday.
he also cleaned it out and sanded it all down. aww :))
i then scrubbed it with jif, rubbed white paint over the new pine top and sanded it.
(just for something different lol!!)
i had planned to repaint the whole thing, but decided to stick with the original paint job
and add a nice big chunky glass knob ;)

it's been in the outdoor area for ages,
and i wasn't sure what i'd do with it until yesterday!
it was an eBay find- i was outbid at the last second, then a few weeks later was contacted by the seller as it hadn't been picked up!
and i just had to have it. now i know why!
it was destined for my laundry- fits perfectly!
i will show full pics once the laundry is all done :)

now, i think i have the smallest ever made laundry.
it's teeny tiny.

here you can see my lovely old wardrobe that hides all the laundry mess.
it was a free council roadside pickup.
Mike stripped it back and painted it for me.
i them made the fabric curtain. as pretty as it is in here, i wanted to replace it with something that would make the laundry feel a bit bigger than it is. (if that's at all possible)
oh, and the mess on top of the washing machine? left by the girls who were cleaning out their fishbowls....grrrr

so, the plan is to head to Ikea tomorrow and look for shelving, tin pots and some faux greenery
and i'll be back with a made over laundry room soon!
and now, onto some market finds from today!
lovely old champagne bucket $5
glass bird and fine porcelain bunny $5 for the pair
gorgeous blue Portman's top $5
oh and a $2 shelf that will probably go and live in the laundry too.
it got one coat of paint and a sand. i'm really liking the 'whitewash' look at the moment.
shelf before....
now that i've raved on about laundry stuff and market stuff,
it's time to announce the winner of my giveaway!

congratulations to one of my newest followers!
please contact me with your details so i can post off your goodies this week!
have a great week everyone!
Kate x
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between naps on the porch
and Beach Cottage :)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

a new look!

as you can see, my blog has been given a facelift!
and i owe all the thanks to the lovely Megan Horsfall over
at Happy Splat Design.
As a talented graphic designer, she is full of passion for her work,
and her creations are amazing!
if you are after a professional look for your business,
need help getting a logo together etc,
it's worth checking out her website.
she listens to what you're wanting and then works her magic!
my little business card design (that matches my blog header) has just gone off to print,
and i can't wait to get them!
have a lovely day everyone!
Kate x
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

diy EASTER bunting

if you are anything like me,
you only like really simple craft activities that suit ages 5 to 95!
and this little project is certainly one of those!
all you need is a packet of paper doilies, twine or string, some pretty paper (i used some left over scented drawer liners) a Easter egg template, scissors and glue.
(you'll be hard pressed finding a craft project as cheap as this one too!!)
Emily printed off an Easter egg template to make it super easy to get the shape right.
trace out your eggs on the back of the patterned paper.
cut them out and fold some of the paper doilies in half.
then place the doilies over the twine and glue down.
i then glued an Easter egg onto every 2nd 'flag'.
of course this craft activity could be adapted and used at Christmas time or for birthdays.

Emily made this bunting last night. she got the idea from 'Pinterest' in the DIY category here.
we collected paint sample cards from Bunnings and don't they look fabulous!?
remember to leave at least 20cm of string either
end of your bunting so you can tie it up.

i decided one bunting wasn't enough so made a 2nd one.
they compliment my milk glass so perfectly!
have fun making your own!
and don't forget to enter my giveaway in the post below!!
Kate x

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