Saturday, July 28, 2012

cute as can be EGG cupboard

i've always wanted one of these cute little egg cupboards,
so was super happy when i found this one last Sunday at the markets.
i knew straight away it was going to get made over in a pretty greeny blue.
all stocked up with the freshest eggs from a friend's farm.
because i think all pieces can have multiple uses, i played around and
came up with these! how sweet does it look holding perfumes, brooches
and beads.

or a fun cubby house for the kids soft toys!
i could also see it in the bathroom holding piles of soaps.
what would you use it for?
for sale here

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Friday, July 27, 2012

more cute K-Mart finds

hi and happy Friday everyone! i just love it when Friday rolls around :)
i've been out birthday shopping for my almost 14 year old. She's easy to shop for,
as she always provides a long and detailed list for me to shop from!!

i had a bit of a stroll around good old K-mart while i was as it,
and snapped away at some of their current stock.
i've been so impressed with their prices and quality of late too!
(you may remember my last post on K-Mart here)
i've seen the above hearts in catalogues, but they have always been sold out when i've gone looking for them. i've seen them at almost 3 times this price elsewhere!

and how sweet is this $9 bowl!
could be used for fruit, candles or even in the bathroom.
these jugs are a little similar to the ones Ikea stocks, but cheaper. Cute shape too!
i just lurve these blue glasses. i caved and bought a set a few weeks ago.
i don't mind a glass of bubbles every now and then, and thought this set of retro style
champagne flutes were fun! they'd be great for a party.
$9 throws in great colours. so soft too!
pretty scarves in pastels.
you have probably seen their $15 jeans advertised. they are such a great fit for the price!
i went down a size, as they have quite a bit of give in them. love the capri style.
and they have them in nearly every colour!
well i've had a great morning out around the shops.
now it's time for a quick coffee, then off to play Sport teacher for the afternoon!
Kate x

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

beachy drawers & bedside table

i painted this cute pair up yesterday.
i had no idea what colour they would end up being, but knew that they would be
predominantly white. once i'd finished with the white,
i went through my pots of paint, found this soft bluey green mistint, and decided
to match both pieces up with it.

great bedroom storage.

both pieces are for sale over here on my facebook page.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

soy wax candle making

i spent some time yesterday afternoon and this morning (after my market run)
making up some more candles.
i found the teacup below this morning too!
i think they are such a great gift, as they can be either refilled with wax,
or reused in other ways. this English "Mother" teacup is my fav.
are you a Yummy Mummy?! or do you know one!?
a pretty 'Robert Gordon' milk jug repurposed as a candle.
i tie a pretty laminated, labelled tag to each candle with ribbon.
these, along with many others,
can be purchased through my facebook page, and i'm happy to post Aust wide.
just comment SOLD under any that you like.
oh, and i'd love to you 'like' my page too!!
i'm so enjoying these bright sunshiny yellow daisies.
what a happy colour!

can't believe this is my 200th post! wow!
Kate x
homemaker on a dime
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more furniture for the school

good afternoon all!
i've cut back my gorgeous tulips, and transferred them to this pretty milk glass vase
i found at the markets last Sunday. i'm hoping to get few more days enjoyment out of them,
although it's back to school and work tomorrow!

the hubs and i have been busy painting the last few days. all ready
for another delivery. this piece is my fav. it's going in the Principal's Office,
and will be used to store tea and coffee supplies.
i'll be honest- Mike did most of the work on this one! it was a big job.
the old metal handles were replaced with these pretty glass knobs.
the entire inside was also painted. the shelves are removable.

cabinet before....
another table for the staff room,
(couldn't find the before for this one! just think mission brown and green!)
old cupboard with doors missing. great storage.
i've painted up one of these before-
you can see what it looked like here.
Mike cut the legs off this desk to turn it into a coffee table.
really love how it turned out!

Kate x

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Friday, July 6, 2012

a desk just for me

hi and a happy Friday to all!
here's a little desk makeover i've been meaning to show you for a while!
the plan was to hit IKEA up for a cute desk that would slot in next to the daybed in our study.
But, as luck would have it, i found this sweet vintage desk on the side of the road!
and it is THE perfect size for where i want it to go.
and. it's. mine.
no. i'm not sharing.
i'm over my things going missing, and my desk space getting messed up
by "nobody".
So i now have my own happy corner of the study. just for me!
and it's all set up with everything i need.
old window (markets), aqua map(Frankie magazine), yummy hand cream(David Jones), birdy notelets(TYPO),
flowers, shells and sand in a vintage jar, sitting atop
a stack of vintage books (beach and markets).

my beautiful "thankyou for making my quilt" tulips from my Kace x
special vintage knobs from my Granny painted aqua.
scented drawer liners. essential for getting rid of that 'old musty' smell
that comes with most old furniture.
i needed a new mouse pad, and found this in TYPO!
just the right colour too ;)


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