Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cupboard revamp- inside & out!

good morning! it's a Public Holiday here in Australia, so we are all at home taking it easy. so nice to have a breather mid week! i have started off the day with a quick sewing project. this cupboard was a road side find many years ago. you may remember it left my laundry some time ago and came to live out here in the family room.
last year, the handy husband helped me organise the inside with a few shelves.
before the shelves were installed, here's how it looked! it was a home for whatever i felt like throwing in there.
a few pieces of MDF cut to size.....
had it looking much better!
and now it's home to all my sewing needs and my stack of tablecloths. anyway, back to the pretty outside! so it was a simple sew each side of the rectangle piece of fabric, add pockets top and bottom and attach inside the cupboard door with these hook and eye thingos.
the cutest birdy fabric. available at Spotlight if you want some!
our sweet hand reared cockatiels live to the left of this cupboard, so now they have some more birdy friends to chat to.
cupboard before....
note the time i started and finished this little project?? only took 25 mins!
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a POP of colour!

well the start to another week is here already! thankfully Wednesday is a public holiday so this week will be just that little bit easier to get through! the sun is shining and my white lounge covers are soaking. i got thinking over the weekend that i needed to add a few pops of colour here and there to my very white/neutral colour scheme. this frame was originally antique white against and antique white wall and decided it was time for a change.
i have been very slack of late and haven't been updating our blackboards with inspiring quotes as much as i'd like to. this is one a grabbed off Pinterest this morning. even if i did write it up crooked!
i threw in some blue bottles to my usual "ALL WHITE" decorated hutch.
this cute AVON bottle is a favourite
i showed you the green 'suitcase come table' a little while ago. well i've turned it up on it's side and used it as a display table under an old window frame.
a pile of mags and books topped with pretties. my phone hides behind :)
so there you have it. i have finally found something to paint up in that awesome aqua!
frame before....
i'm off to have coffee with a friend i haven't seen in months, then it will be home to paint!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

market finds

good morning! i was up and out the door before the sun was up- as i always am on a Sunday. just love getting out and grabbing lots of bargains as well as my weekly fresh fruit and veg. the green bud vase was just $1, as were the vintage books. 

i then came across this vintage fabric ruler for $3. i remember my Dad having a similar one in his shed when i was little.
i always keep an eye out for funky costume jewelry and love this knuckle buster that set me back a tiny $1. i managed to score a whole lot of clothing too- brands such as French Connection, Forever New and good old Supre'!! maybe i'll cave one day and do a fashion post? hmm, we'll see!!
I had to get this for my animal loving Kacey after our trip to Thailand. she's already on the lounge with her nose in it, studying up on Thailand's wildlife!
well, i'm totally not used to this new blogger set up! it is so different, and i can't get my text the same size, it's loading my pics all over the place. why the change?? well hopefully i'll adjust quickly!
how's everyone else coping with the new blogger look?

oh, and the desk i painted up and showed you is now on eBay along with a few other things.
you can view it here.
Kate x

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

pair of vintage trolleys

no your eyes aren't blurring! i have been playing around on the
good ol iPhone and having fun focusing on different things!
focused in on the chandelier crystals here!

i've just finished sanding the edges back on this lovely pair of
vintage trolleys. they have been painted in Antique White USA
as requested by the client, and are going to be used as her bedside tables.
she specifically asked that the underneath of the top shelf be painted
so there would be no yucky dark coloured timber visible- even when lying down in bed.
lots of great storage space.
either for showing off pretty wares, or hidden away in boxes or baskets
original colours of green and pink can be seen peeking through
on the sanded edges

cream roses in my mason jar

trolley before....
you can see more pics of it in this post here

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cedar cupboard gets the white treatment

this old cedar cupboard has most certainly seen better days.
along it's journey, it has lost it's doors which is a bit sad, but freshened
up in crisp white paint, it now has a new start.

the inside got as much attention as the outside.
rather than try to hide it's scars, i decided to make them stand out
and tell a story.
do you like my new aqua bag? it was my fav Thailand purchase :)
when i'm not out and about showing it off, it can sit out and hold one of
my many crochet tablecloths, or a soft throw rug now the evenings
are a little on the chilly side.
i won't be letting this one go in a hurry. i can think of millions of uses for it!

unfortunately, there's no room to bring in more furniture into this home of mine
unless i let another piece go. that's the hard part!

well i'm off to get another painting project on the go
before school pickup!
Kate x
house of grace
transformation thursday
show and tell Friday
share the love Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

beachy desk makeover

happy Monday everyone!
i started painting this desk yesterday and finished it off this morning.
i thought alot about what i would do colourwise while painting on the 1st
2 coats of undercoat, and decided it had to be done up in 2 contrasting colours.
you can see the inlay texture through the paint too.
and of course sanded the edges to allow the original timber through
i was glad to find the 4th drawer knob hidden at the back of the drawer,
so popped them back on to keep a bit of an industrial look going.
what an awesome desk for a young boy.
i would have loved to dress it up inside, but it was far too heavy
to drag inside. it be listed on eBay soon

desk before....

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