Thursday, June 30, 2011

i got mentioned in a linky party review!

just a little excited! a new follower of my blog told me that Marty
over at A Stroll Thru Life, mentioned my blog here and posted a pic
from this post on her blog! i'm honoured!
Thanks Marty!
Kate x
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

beachy wardrobe & drawers

these 2 pieces of furniture were given to me from a friend
who was having a clean out.
i thought they'd look great with a bit of a beachy look.
we let our girls choose paint for their bedrooms these holidays,
and while we were at Bunnings, i found a gorgeous blue paint on the 'mistint'
trolley. it's a shame it's only a sample pot, as i could go crazy with this colour!
both pieces have been painted white,
then blue over the top and sanded back.
they match perfectly, but i'm keeping the cupboard!
such GREAT storage :)
and i'd keep the drawers if i had a beach house....
dream on....
the cupboard is in the outdoor area and stores
paint, outdoor toys, tools, etc.

before pics....

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Holiday fun- Bunya Park Reserve

our family along with 2 other families (9 children in total and one on the way!)
met for a BBQ breakfast at Bunya Park Reserve.
less than 10 minutes up the road from us and the last time we came here
was for Emily's 3rd birthday 10 years ago! shocker!!
the birdy above came into to see what we had to offer him.

the original wood fired BBQ's still in place, so the kids were sent
to "stick pick" to get 2 fires going.
Here's our good friend Mait cooking up a storm for his family of 7.

we had the place to ourselves.

love this bridge

the older ones played cricket

and footy

and just hung out together.
Em and her friend Jordan have been buddies since babies


the little ones found the mud at the bottom of this great
tree, while the older ones climbed.

another PERFECT day

on the way home, we HAD to stop so i could
pick some Wattle. the smell brings back so many childhood memories.

and now i can enjoy it at home for the week.

the sun is just up, so i'm off to have breaky and then finish off a painting project.
i'll be back with pics later ;)
Kate x

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holiday fun- Sea World

yesterday we headed to Sea World for the day. our
annual passes expire this week, so this will be our last visit for a while.
as you can see above, we left cloudy and overcast Brisbane behind,
and drove south towards the sunny cloud free Gold Coast.

it was almost midday by the time we arrived,
so settled here for a little picnic.

here the girls are standing in front of one of the many dolphin pools.

2 dolphins came in close for a play :)

Emily and Kacey then decided to brave the Log Ride.

oh and look! Sea World doing "Shabby Chic" 'boat' style.

checking out the sea slugs.

me and my precious girls.

in front of the sharks with Mike

about to watch the Sea Lion show

before leaving, we watched the penguins being fed.

coming in for a closer look :)
a fab day out. we then got home, quickly changed and went out for
i'll be back tomorrow with more holiday adventures
and a furniture makeover :)
Kate x
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

treasures found today

perfect sunshiny weather here once again. we are so blessed to have
such stunning weather for most of the year.

i was so excited to come across this sweet timber birdcage. it was sitting in the lady's
van, so i thought it had already sold. turns out she just hadn't put it out yet!
pays to get to the markets early!!
i paid $10 for this one, but have seen similar for $60-$80.
another item i have been on the prowl for is a vintage school suitcase.
i had one in Primary School just like this only blue.
they sell for crazy prices on eBay, but i scored this one for $5.
perfect stacked with others, or pretty on it's own.
it was brown, but i've already painted it :)
this pair of mirrors were also taken straight outside and painted.
just the right size to be used as a jewelry tray to reflect all your bling!
they were a bit tricky to paint, as they mirror couldn't be removed from the frame.
nothing my trusty razor blade scraper couldn't fix!
2 lovely girls were selling off all their impulse buys.
this one (tags still attached $99.95 ouch!!) was $8.
i have also been after some white jeans, and got a pair of "Forever New" (fav brand) ones for $3.
not a mark on them. they're washed and on the line so i can wear them tomorrow!
a nice little outfit for $11 lol!

mirrors and suitcase before....
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

tea cup candles

i have wanted to make tea cup candles for ages!
i ordered what i needed on eBay, and scoured the op shops and markets for
teacups and cute little glass containers.
i now have a decent stash of sweet finds, so today was the day
to create!
to get started all you need is some natural soy wax, wicks, oil scent, teacups,
a glass pyrex jug, boiling water and a saucepan.
i put enough soy wax flakes in the jug to fill a couple of teacups.
once the water is boiling, place in a cake cooler and sit the jug on top of it.
that allows the heat to even circulate around the jug.
while the wax melts slowly, pop a wick in each cup and centre them with
pegs and skewers.
i refuse to buy "wick holding" contraptions when i can construct my own for free!
the kit i bought came with some scented oil, but i also used
my own rose scented oil.
you can see the wax sitting in these two cups. it hasn't set yet.
all lined up on the kitchen bench!
once they had almost set, i then topped them up.
the wicks them get a trim, and here they are!


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