Friday, December 30, 2011

linky party mentions & fav posts of 2011

lots of the lovely blogs i follow are showing their most viewed posts
for 2011. i have really enjoyed looking back over their adventures, finds,
projects, etc, so thought i'd have a little 'click' around my blog stats and
see what went on this year on my little blog.

a talented graphic designer friend used the above pic i took in my bathroom for a flyer she
was doing up for a women's event. i was excited that she thought my photograph was
good enough for her work!

i have had a few mentions when linking up to bloggy parties.

my post on painting our bedroom floors was mentioned,
as well as my wall of mirrors in the family room,
and dear Grandpa's drawers that i made over.

so i clicked on my "all time" stats,
and these 7 posts came up as being viewed the most.

Too Many Magazines

Blackboards & Messages
(also mentioned in a linky party ;)

blogging with you all has been such a joy,
i look forward to being inspired by the blogs i follow, and hope to bring you many more makeovers, finds and mirrors in 2012!!
can't believe we are about to say goodbye to 2011.
what a whirlwind of a year!
see you in the New Year!!
Kate x

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

vintage kitchen trolley cabinet

this sweet cabinet has been done up for a friend of mine.
and i'm so pleased with how it's turned out!
i painted the outside in 'white albatross' which is really a soft
lavender grey colour, and the inside white.
lots of storage for pretties and well as the practical
bits and pieces needed at arms length in the kitchen.

and check out those cute castors!
love the bowed sides. adds such interesting shape.

it's a lovely old piece that has been in the family for many years.
you really don't see furniture around like this anymore!

it's will be back in it's own home Christmas Eve :)

cabinet before....

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

vintage CHRISTMAS card garland

do you remember i mentioned finding vintagey Christmas cards
back in this post?

this is what is was! a gorgeous vintage book full of unused Christmas cards.
i wasn't totally sure what i was going to make until i started
popping the cards out of the book.
once trimmed up, i ran them through my new laminator
cut them out and hole punched them.
i then used some natural twine to string them altogether.

i had a few left over to hang on the tree,

and to use as Christmas gift tags.

Christmas decorations are already 50% off in many shops,
so i grabbed these colourful sparkly ones from Spotlight and added them to my
silver branches

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Monday, December 19, 2011

french style drawers & yet another mirror

i found these cute drawers yesterday.
although solid, they were looking very neglected.
being black, i decided a soft grey would be best.
i lightly sanded them so that a little of the original black could peek through.
geisha girl in purple and white from the garden.

the mirror was a find while up the coast on holidays.
it's looking much better with a few coats of white.
mirror before....
drawers before....
the mirror will be going in our bedroom with the other white mirrors.
i feel another 'mirror wall' coming on....
the drawers are for sale and will be on eBay in the New Year.
email me if you are interested :)
Kate x
homemaker on a dime
house of grace
the shabby creek cottage

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