Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Market Finds

good morning everyone!
we have finally had a couple of "no rain" days up here!
the weather has been very wet and dreary over the past few weeks
here in the usually sunny State
of Queensland, and it's been driving us all a little crazy!

well i thought i'd pop in and show you some market finds.
i was a teeny bit excited when i came across these sweet rusty kitchen scales
this morning.
cute little white pottery vase and heavy crochet throw
more hard covered vintage books and a silver egg cup and spoon.
i'll be adding them to my Easter prop collection :)
shabby old window frame that i'm loving on the wall of my dining room.
a pair of candle holders i painted in french grey and white.

the little green trolley is one of a pair that i'll be painting up for a client.
silver plate tray.

i don't normally go for 'wordy' cushions, but this one at $2
fits so well in with the colours throughout our home.
i've been wanting to get a nice soft rug for our painted concrete floors,
and found this beauty for $5!!
perfect fit too! and it's machine washable- it's in the machine with loads of
napisan and detergent as a type!!
i have collected quite a few old suitcases of late, so happy to stumble across
something a little different. i liked that this one was timber and loving the worn green.
upon further inspection, i found timber legs inside!
ok little $5 suitcase, so you're also a table!!
umm, sadly, it was VERY difficult to put together,
so it will just have to be happy stacked with other suitcases!
cute legs though!!
another $5 vintage yum find

yep, the scales were my favourite find today ;)
in a few sleeps, our little family is heading off over the ocean
on an exciting holiday adventure! i'll be back in a few weeks to tell
you all about it!!
Kate x
a stroll thru life
twice owned tuesday

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Monday, March 19, 2012

a wedding & some finished tables

we attended a gorgeous wedding on Saturday afternoon out at
Woodlands of Marburg. The prettiest setting.
Unfortunately the rain setting 15 minutes before the ceremony,
but of course the bride and groom were on cloud nine anyway!
me and the hubs
i wouldn't have minded taking home a couple of these beauties :)
a beautiful bride, and an awesome friend.

a lovely intimate setting for about 38 guests
the matron of honour and her hubby
the reception was themed around pinks and silver
superb food
after a nice sleep in, it was go go go on Sunday! tables to sand back and
paint Antique White for the local state school i have told you about.
you can see the aqua cupboard i have also painted up for the school here.
these lovelies will grace the entry to the 150 year old school buildings

i had lots of fun with my new belt sander giving these tables
a very shabby finish
delivering them to the school tomorrow afternoon
more before's....
Kate x

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

red tulips for his girls

after doing the food shopping on Sunday afternoon,
Mike told the girls to go and choose a bunch of red tulips to share.
they both bounced over to the flowers,
counting how many there were in each bunch so that they'd
have a decent arrangement for their bedrooms.
after Em got over the fact that i no longer own any decent sized vases
(it's all vintage jars and jugs here!)
she snapped these photos the following morning before school.
i've been very controlled, and haven't bought homey magazines or flowers
for ages, so it's been so lovely enjoying the happy bright colours
of these tulips.
Kate x

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

there was no painting done AT ALL this weekend.
there were white lounge covers to wash,
cleaning to be done,
great friends to have dinner with,
a market stall to be held,
and family time. to. be. had.

so, this afternoon,
we ventured off to the Nudgee Water Hole to see what we could find!
oh, and we happen across a snake!! eek!!
thankfully he was a littley, and in the water away from our feet!
you can see his head peeking out of the water to the right of the photo.
my talented 13 year old, who is becoming more talented by the day
took most of these pics on the good ol' iPhone.
my 2 precious ones
precious ones with their proud Mumma
(um, suck ur tum in and stand up straight Mum!)
well i was starting to wilt at this stage- been up since 4:40am!
such a peaceful stroll

Kace off to check out what can be seen from the viewing platform
cute duckies
sunlight steaming through the trees.
i hope you've all had a great weekend.
we certainly have!
now where was that paint brush........
Kate x

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