Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 minute matchbox makeover

it has been raining constantly for days, so here's an easy little project for you to try.

i'm sure most of you have gift wrap, note paper or cards of some sort lying around in the cupboard or drawers. why not jazz up your ugly matchboxes? if you have candles all through your home like i do, then you also have a few matchboxes sitting here and there too. i hate what an eye sore they are, so made mine over. and it only took 5 minutes.

all you need is some pretty paper, matchboxes, scissors, a pen and a glue stick. hold the matchbox in the corner of the paper- pretty side down. that way you only have to trace around 2 sides of the box.

i like to do both sides of the box in contrasting patterns.

what a difference and it only took a minute or 2 for each box.

i have also covered matchboxes using the paper from wrapped soaps too. the next time you give a candle as a gift, why not include a pretty box of matches to go with it :)

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Monday, December 27, 2010

appreciating the little things

now that the Christmas rush is over, it's nice to sit back and just breathe.
with a coffee in hand, i like to take a moment or 2, to really appreciate my home, some of my special finds and sit in my favourite spots.

this day bed is great for lazing about and reading, or taking a snooze.

2 of my favourite decorators and authors. ( i own most of their books ;) i love to sit and flick through these books for inspiration.

i hope you have had a truly special Christmas Day with your loved ones. we certainly did :)
the tree is now packed away for another year.

i'm waiting patiently for my wonderful husband to finish painting our bedroom. he is doing such a great job too! i'm so glad he's a perfectionist when doing up our home. i can't wait to get in there and set everything up!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Corners

i thought i'd share some Christmas pics from around my home. the above sign is from the talented Gail McCormack. back in 2007 i actually emailed her some pics of a very similar sign in a magazine, and she then painted up this one. of course i had to buy one.

this pic is from my front entry. what goes on this little table changes all the time. the silver water jug belonged to my wonderful grandpa.

this spot usually has a jug of flowers sitting on it. the 'Precious Moments' nativity scene was a gift when Emily was born from my Mum. the ceramic angel was a find from yesterday's trip to the markets. the cut glass bowl with the silver base was a pressie from my special friend Julia.

i love displaying glass baubles in jars and bowls

you can never have too many chandeliers!

tin tea light holders- they light up all my mirrored photo frames at night

how cute is this birdie Christmas tea towel?

i love to have flowers or just simple greenery from the garden on the kitchen bench.

all my presents were wrapped in red and white this year.

a little beachy Christmas cheer in the laundry.

the girls have assigned this stocking to their pets Cherry (the cockatiel) and Heidi (the cat) i have no idea what they have wrapped and placed inside!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. i have enjoyed entering the world of blogging this year, and look forward to more in the New Year.

i'm ready for another clean out, so my next post will show things that i will be selling on eBay.

the sun has decided to come out today, so we will be happily spending some time outdoors.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

back from holidays

we are now home after a most relaxing holiday on the Sunshine Coast. we were lucky enough to have perfect weather on most days, and spent a lot of time at the beach.

the water was such a lovely temperature. the girls enjoyed digging huge holes and making 'drippy sand' sandcastles

here the girls are peeking through the portholes on the side of one of the resorts pools. these girls are like mermaids, and could hold their breath and smile for ages! all the photos with me in them didn't work, as i was either blowing out air or rising to the top for a breath!

and what a view we had. the unit we were in had a view that was considered to be 'partial views'. hmmm, these partial views were just fine with me!

and now onto the op shopping part of the holiday! i am lucky enough to have a husband who will drive me around to all the op shops and wait in the car for my return. he and the girls usually play competitive games on the iPad while they wait for me!

i'll share a few of my little treasures with you- my 1st find were these wreaths. i have a great idea for them which involves white spray paint and feathers..... it's quite hard to find lovely timber ones like these.

and next was this cute little metal candle holder. it looks at home with couple of my lamps i think.

and a colclough bone china saucer. i can't resist english china- especially one as pretty as this! perfect when putting out nibbles for guests, or to rest a candle on. and some end up being used for mosaics.

if Emily hadn't been eying off a bag in the window of one op shop, i wouldn't have spotted this mirror! i don't always like the ones with etched designs, but this one is a bit different and has a bit of a sparkle in the etchings. and just the perfect amount of age and foxing- give me a vintage mirror over a new one anytime.
one of our fish bowls has been empty for a while, so i carted home a pink bucket full of sand to create a different display.

the little vase to the left was another find. i loved the colour so it came home with me too.

the recent 'Home Beautiful' magazine was waiting for me when we arrived home, so here i sat (after hours of unpacking- still not done yet!) and read while admiring yet another candle arrangement!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

time for a break

there's only one more sleep until we head up to Caloundra for 8 nights of beach bliss. i am hoping the rain stays away long enough to get myself a tan and do some long walks along the boardwalk. i find it hard to stop at home, so i'll be forced to read lots of mags, do lots of blogging, take loads of beachy photos and stare at the ocean for long periods of time- whether that is done from our balcony or my beach chair. most of this done with a wine in hand of course :)

my girls can't wait to spend hours swimming in the resort pool, catching the currents as the tide goes out, collecting shells and exploring the rock pools. we have been counting down the days, weeks and months for our once a year family getaway, and i can hardly believe it's almost time to go.

the Chrissy shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and i intend on staying away from the shops as much as is possible...... not including the op shops. that's different. i'll be doing my usual treasure hunt :) hopefully i'll come back with some goodies.

now would probably be a good time to start packing then hey? hubby has promised to wash and vacc the car, then it's just beach towels, hats and swimmers i suppose.... if only it was that easy! no matter how hard we try to 'pack lightly' the back of our station wagon is always stuffed to the roof.

if you are lucky to be off on holidays too, travel safe and relax!!
Kate ;)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blackboard & more Chrissy wreaths

here's my little blackboard project. i sent husband off to Bunnings and he came home with blackboard paint- in a can! it was so quick and easy! just a few coats sprayed on and then rubbed over with chalk before using. great for quotes and Chrissy messages!

the frame was originally from Ikea (you can still buy them) it's a plastic frame that i have painted in Antique White USA. i just love the scrolls. i have had fabric displayed in it for a few years, and it would also look great as a mirror.

i tried my hand at a couple more wreaths today. my eldest daughter is going to do one this afternoon in purple (her new fav colour) for her bedroom.

here's the beginning of another wreath. still loving the white and natural colours, but threw in a bit of blue this time.

i have come a long way since the one i made yesterday. i've got my own technique down pat now. i cut all the strips with a fabric cutter, which keeps all the pieces nice and even. and it's so much quicker than scissors. i also trimmed back the silver on the wreath a bit so it doesn't show through as much. it makes the tying of the fabric much easier too.

this one was made from an old Cath Kidston (Ikea) shower curtain. i have shower screens so couldn't use it in my bathrooms.

here's what it looked like when i 1st started it.

up close....

and here you have it- a waterproof wreath! lol.
wreaths can be enjoyed all year round- not just at Christmas time. especially ones that aren't done in the traditional colours. i've made a few now, and hopefully i've inspired you to give it a go too! a great project to do in front of the telly :)

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raggy Christmas Wreath

I have been wanting to make a raggy Christmas wreath for years, but just never got there- until today. i decided it had to be today. i have been searching for the right 'blank' canvas to decorate, but it took me until this morning to find one. it wasn't exactly what i had in mind, but i thought it would be perfect for a practice go anyway.

out came my stash of fabrics, but i only used white (vintage sheet), linen (ikea curtain) and a doily (op shop) i cut it up into strips and started tying.

then to hang, i used a strip of linen and tied a white bow to the top. pretty cute. at $2 a wreath from the discount shop down the road, my girls and i will be making some more for sure.

as you can see, it was quite sad looking before! i would love to do one in beachy blues and another in the traditional Christmas colours i think. that's it for today as we have visitors coming for diner tonight. when i get my hands on some blackboard paint, i'll reveal my next project....

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

well it's that time of year. the Chrissy decorations have been up in the shops for a while, and Santa is having his photo taken with the kiddies at all the Westfield stores!

i have usually done all my shopping by now- i normally shop throughout the year, but this year hasn't worked out that way. i have had some fun shopping with friends and my fabulous cousin though. nearly done now! and then there's all the wrapping!

i have taken all the Christmas decorations down out of the linen cupboard ( and had a "linen cupboard" clean out at the same time) and am all ready for tomorrow when we put up our tree.

we have a bit of a family tradition in our home- lots of nibbles, Christmas music and of course a glass of bubbles while we decorate the tree on our chosen afternoon. the girls also choose a new decoration each year and love to choose their own advent calender with choccies to see out the 24 day countdown until Christmas morning.

they each have their own pretty stocking- one of which is pictured above.

i hope you also have fun during this hectic but fun season!

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