Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doily Bunting

yesterday i set to work at the sewing machine with my doilies
and came up with a couple of doily buntings.
you can buy doilies from Spotlight, but they are readily available
in your local op shops.
i thought these lovely pretties went nicely together.
you can buy this webbing from Bunnings for about $9.
great for sooo many projects!
i cut the doilies in half
and then cut the webbing to make thin strips.
measured it out, then began sewing.

easy peasy.

i then cut up a couple of large rectangle doilies to make the 2nd one.
i really like this one!
so pretty and delicate.

i bought some yummo AQUA paint today to paint up a couple of pieces.
can't wait to show you!

Kate x
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

doily earring keeper

what you need:
*bamboo hoops from Spotlight- starting from $2.50
*vintage doilies (i have a never ending stash!)
*you can also buy doilies from Spotlight.
place doilies over hoops to work out what size doilies will fit best
loosen the outer hoop, place doily between hoops and tighten-
adjusting doily as you go.
once firmly in place, you can either trim the edges or tuck them in behind.
you could paint the hoops of course, but i'm liking the natural look
against the various doily colours.

then choose your favourite earrings and hang up with some pretty ribbon.
i've used a piece of pearl string to hang mine
i'll be selling these through my facebook page here.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

day at home sick & some candle making

hello to you all from rainy Brisbane!
today was the perfect "day at home" kind of day.
i have been battling a fluey cold all week, which kinda got the better of me over night.
with the tissue box as my best friend and not much voice, i decided to spend the morning in the kitchen by the warmth of the stove melting soy wax and pouring it into
vintage containers of all sorts.

here is a gorgeous "made in France" jar soy wax candle.
Baby powder fragrance. oh so yummy!
'Le Parfait Super' scribed across the front.
remember the cute little cups i found at the markets?
i polished them up and here's one made into a candle!
pretty English rose china
German cup on blue floral saucer

more fine bone china on an unmarked saucer exactly the same as the one above
cute glass jug candle
silver plate baby cup with matching spoon candle!
such a warm relaxing activity to do on such a rainy day!
our house is currently filled with rose and baby powder fragrances!
these soy wax candles are all for sale on my Lilies for Kate Facebook page
the perfect reusable/refillable Mother's Day gift :)
Kate x
show and tell Friday

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Monday, February 20, 2012

patchwork tablecloth

good morning all!
i tackled the patchwork quilt yesterday from start to finish yesterday.
love projects that can be done in one sitting!
i'm super pleased with how it turned out.

here are the fabrics (vintage sheets mostly) i chose.
i found the embroidered white cotton in Spotlight on special.
i used the largest quilting square, and worked out that i would need
4 squares x 7 squares to cover our 1m x 2m dining table.
i laid out the squares out on the lounge room floor to work out the best
such a happy tablecloth!
this would also be a cute curtain idea, and could easily be turned into a quilt one day
if i wish :)

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

a labour of VINTAGE love

over the weekend, i finished my raggy quilt.
here it is on the spare bed in the study.

i started it back in October last year and would've had it completed within a few days,
but i ran out of wadding! the wadding had been purchased years ago, so of course Spotlight didn't stock it anymore! i couldn't find anything similar to the wadding i had already used, so
i packed it all away. i carried a sample of the wadding with me everywhere trying to find a match but to no avail :(

i then made a cot sized raggy quilt which you may have seen in this post here.

a couple of weeks ago i ended up buying some wadding because i just couldn't bear
the quilt sitting unfinished! the wadding isn't as soft, but once all put together you can't really tell the difference.

so here's where it all began!
i got out all my larger fabric pieces and folded my favourites into squares to work out what
looked best together.
it wasn't long before doilies entered the plan

here are the fabrics i decided to go with. mostly vintage, but a few are from Spotlight.
wadding squares ready to go

i used an old flannelette paisley patterened sheet for the back.
here are a few squares laid out after being sewn together
i didn't have many small white doilies, so most doilies used were cut.
now it's coming together!
1st two rows are attatched
a few months later, almost at the end!!
here i'm about to join both halves of the quilt and can you see the tiny scrap of cotton left
on the reel??!! ARG!
then about 2 hours of snipping all the edges to get the raggy effect going and wha la!!
complete :)

i started running out of fabric towards the end so had to cut up a few linen hand towels- this pretty embroidered one was a fav.
it has ended up being a generous double sized quilt.
i sooo enjoyed making it and hope to make more in the future.
next sewing project- a patchwork tablecloth!
if it looks any good, i'll be back to show it off to you!
Kate x

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