Sunday, May 29, 2011

ladder prop

i've always had a thing for ladders.
when i saw this one, i pictured it as a prop for all my linen.
(i have a thing for linen too :)
i've come across some lovely pieces lately.
i adore chenille, so was excited when i found this pink tassled beauty.
and how cute is the crochet baby throw?
i rubbed white paint all over the ladder with a rag.

and replaced the yucky string with some natural twine.
much better.
the top step has a crack, so best not used for maintenance around the home!
would be cute with little pot plants too hey?
another piece set for my YARD sale.
well garage sale, but Yard sale sounds better when you have lovely vintage items to sell ;)
ladder before....

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old commode chair

we have had gorgeous weather here in Sunny Brisbane, and it has lasted ALL
weekend. Perfect for getting into some painting.
i finished off this lovely old commode chair this morning.

found these pretty white English teacups this morning too.
just right to add to my 'white' collection of pretty things :)
anyway, back to the chair!
it was the chair's pretty shape that got me.
i just had to bring it home and give it a makeover.

and would you believe it still has the original ceramic potty inside?!
VERY hard to come by and an extremely rare find.
i love the back on it.
i am planning on having a big shabby "YARD" sale soon.
this chair will be there and hopefully go home with a new owner.

chair before....
2 coats of paint done on the huge dining table i'm painting.
better go do another!
Kate x
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

more transformations

last time i showed you my entry i said i'd finished. well, i lied ;)
i've changed it a few times since then!
you can what it looked liked before here.
the mirror was from a deceased estate garage sale, and i've finally given in and painted it white.
the candlesticks were found at the Chandler markets last week.
not bad for $10 each!
they got the white treatment straight away.
they were very 'Balinese' looking before.
i love how over sized they are on a smaller table.
they team well with the mirror i think.
Mike has gone to Melbourne for a few days to attend a Maths conference for work.
he bought me these roses before he left :)
I saw him off in the taxi at 5am this morning.
i was then up, so got stuck into the house work and some painting.
i started and finished this boudoir stool.
a bit of white paint and some very soft pink chenille type fabric
got stapled around the foam base.
it has the sweetest love heart back.
pretty in the bathroom or corner of a little girl's room.

here are the before pics....

only one more sleep till market morning :))
Kate x
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makeover using floral contact

hi to you all!
it's been a crazy week here! i feel like i haven't blogged for an age!
now that we are well and truly into the cooler months,
my days are starting to fill up with supply teaching. so, not as much time for painting unfortunately.
however, i did manage to get a few little projects done as well as these lovely pieces.
they now 'kind of' match thanks to this gorgeous blue floral contact.
i painted them both first then glued on some of the contact. i was lucky enough to find it in an op shop. i don't think they make pretty rolls like this anymore.
i found another glass cloche too. this one has a marble base.
i decided to keep the original handles for each.
tulips in my IKEA jug= happy me

what a cute pair. would be perfect as bedside tables don't you think?
or split up and used anywhere really.
cupboard before....
table before....
i have a dining table arriving this morning that i will be painting up for
a friend/client! very excited to be venturing a little more into painting on consignment.
Kate x
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

doily lampshades & a new mirror

hi everyone. hope you have all had a lovely week.
here's my 'laundry' cupboard in it's new spot in our house.
i'm really enjoying having it out in the living area. it makes this corner feel a little 'country' but i'm not minding that for now.
(you can see that our birds live to the left of the cupboard)

i wrapped some doilies around a couple of my shades.
it gives them a softer more romantic look i think.
the shade below is wicker, which was a bit too harsh looking for the ceramic cherub base.
the doily pretties it up perfectly.
a 'new' old cushion found in an op shop.
love the aqua colour and ruffles.

here's my new mirror. the girls and Mike gave it to me for my birthday.
the cockatiels live in this corner of the house, so the birdy mirror is very suited here.
and so is this cute owl bought for me by Emily.
i really have a thing for birds at the moment!
the baskets up on the cupboard are so useful for picnics, BBQ's etc.
we use them all the time.
i have a few people picking eBay purchases up from me today, then our girls are off on playdates late in the afternoon, so Mike and I get to enjoy dinner out tonight! yay!
happy weekend to you all!
Kate x
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

more finds & a little painting

hi everyone!
i'm so glad to see the sun out today after a wet freezing day yesterday!
today is my birthday! i hit a few op shops after dropping the girls off at school.
i found these pretty brooches.

and 2 single vintage sheets.
i will probably keep one for a tablecloth and list the other on eBay.
here are a few more additions to my milk glass collection. 2 found on eBay and the larger pot in an op shop.
i painted up these cute little jewelry trees last week. i thought they would make great party favours or birthday presents, with a necklace hanging from a branch.
these lilies were for Mother's Day. so was the little pot.
i had planned to paint all day yesterday, but it wasn't the right weather- however i
decided i just had to paint something, as i didn't get any time to paint over the weekend.
here's the table that received the makeover.
a close up of the little pen pot Kacey gave me. it's from TYPO.
love that shop!
you can see the top of the little table is made up of hundreds of matches!
it was too pretty to paint over completely, so i painted it sparingly so you could see the hours of work that would have gone into it.
the sweet blue chair is off to it's new home tomorrow. the clock and ceramic flowers are in my eBay store at the moment along with some other things.
table before...
i'm off to have lunch with a friend.
can't wait to get my family home from school to spend my birthday afternoon with them.
Kate x

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