Monday, May 28, 2012

homework time!

Happy Monday everybody!
ooh and it's a tad nippy here i can tell you!
i finished this desk and chair yesterday. it already has a home to go to.
i had fun raiding the girl's bedrooms and dressing it up for it's photo shoot!
the client's request was for it to be painted in Antique White USA (extremely popular!)
and shabbied lots.
love how the top of the table has come up with lots of sanding.

my girls made up an "I'm bored" jar. each curl has an activity on it.

looks like a fun spot to do your homework!

table and chair before....

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday finds & another raggy quilt in the making

hi everyone!
checking in to show you what i found at the markets today.
it was our most chilly night/morning since last Winter here in Brisbane
- a minimum of 6 degrees.
my 1st find- some lovely bright fabrics. i'm always happy to add to my fabric stash ;)
and then i found this gorgeous vintage beauty in a box with other really boring stuff!
i couldn't believe my luck. and it's even in my fav colour!
2 large Royal Albert teacups.
i've already enjoyed a cuppa in one while sewing today.
i can never walk past a nice wicker basket.
a pretty floaty top.
an old ash tray stand.
thought i might glue a tray or plate on the top.
haven't decided yet, but like this look.
While Em was out shopping with a bunch of her girlfriends yesterday,
Kace and I hit Spotlight. She chose some fabrics for me to make her a raggy quilt.
I must say, i'm totally in favour of her fabric choices!
i've backed each square in the same fabric, so that the raggy side
will be an exact match to the flat quilted side.
it will be a queen size, so no finishing it off in several hours like this one!
This one took a little longer!!
not sure what's happening with my comments- they're not showing up for some reason.
and while clicking around trying to work it all out, i found a link to the original
blogger! not a good idea, as it's only prolonging the change to the new blogger!
i'm so much more familiar with it though ;)
i'll be back tomorrow with a furniture makeover!
Kate x

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

goings on & a new family member

well hello there lovelies ;) i must apologise for the lack of posting lately. it's all happening here and i don't seem to have myself together of late! here is a pic of my pretty pink birthday roses- all dried out, but still so pretty.
my latest project. almost finished. will be back soon to show you the finished product.
and so we have a new little teeny tiny family member! little "Tilly" joined our family yesterday. a very belated birthday pressie for Kacey. she is totally in love!
the plan is to take a pic on the same day every month to see how much she has grown. here she is next to a matchbox, which we could have easily put her in! she's the cutest thing!
happy to be held
and very inquisitive!
i tried to get a pic of her running for the water, but she was in before i could snap!
next project- a huge old school desk. complete with ink wells and slate holders. it's going to be painted gloss red for my client! can't wait to see how it turns out.
i hope you are all having a good week.
Kate x
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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Birthday & Mothers Day

i've had a busy few days having fun celebrating both my birthday and my 14th Mothers Day. my lovely neighbour surprised me with this gorgeous bunch of pink roses.
I was welcomed by Kacey's "balloon card" on Thursday morning before having to head off to work,
as well as some pretty blackboard art done by Emily.
after work and school, we came home, got dolled up, picked up my Dad and Rhonda from the airport and headed out to dinner.
after my usual stroll around the markets, i came home to a cuppa and pressies. My girls are so thoughtful and always put alot of effort into their gifts for others.
my new perfume :)
we enjoyed a leisurely Mother Day lunch overlooking one of my favourite beaches. just the 4 of us.great food, iced chocolate, milkshake,
and of course a glass of bubbles for Mum!
the perfect weather meant we could have a late afternoon beach walk
and watch the sun go down.
love this spot on the boardwalk. i have a photo of me holding Emily right here when she was only 6 weeks old.
had the BEST day!
i hope all you wonderful Mummas out there were spoilt and enjoyed your day too.
Kate x

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Monday, May 7, 2012

i shouldn't be trusted with power tools!

well we have thoroughly enjoyed another Public holiday up here in super sunshiny Brisbane. the weather has been absolutely stunning! i took the opportunity to drag these tables outside, and belt sanded and sealed them ready to be returned to the school i'm doing some painting for.
so i'm having lots of fun using my new sander, but then realise i'm sanding into the actual cord! whoopsie!!
oh the look i got from the husband!! he quickly got out some electrical tape and fixed her up! i so should not be trusted to use power tools!!
power tool fixed, and husband watching closely to make sure i sand the table and ONLY the table lol!
you can see the great repair job done with nice yellow tape haha.
the tables are finished and have already been tied into the trailer ready for delivery.
my shoulders and neck aren't real fans of the many hours i put into sanding and painting.
so i often end up here in a hot bubble bath :)
Kate x

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