Saturday, August 25, 2012

lisianthus, a finished quilt & a winner

hello to you all on this super fine Saturday!
gee i'm loving this weather lately. so glad Spring is almost here!

i haven't seen lisianthus flowers out for ages, but some came home yesterday!
love them.

here's Kacey's finished quilt! it nearly killed me getting it completed.
evreything that could have gone wrong, did.
but i got there. in.the.end.
it has a raggy side,
and a flat side.

i folded up all the names of those who entered my little giveaway-
and popped them in here. and the winner is......
congrats to you! please email me with your address details,
and i'll get your parcel in the post next week!
blogging will be taking a bit of a back seat until school holidays,
as i've picked up a teaching contract and will be team teaching with a friend
for the next 4 weeks! see you soon,
Kate x
ps i'm finally on INSTAGRAM! don't know how to link you there,
but i'm called LiliesforKate :))

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Monday, August 20, 2012

~a little giveaway~

it's been quite a while since i hosted a giveaway, so why not!?
i did plan on doing one for my 2 yr blog anniversary but it didn't happen.
so here's what's on offer.
1. one handmade vintage music sheet bunting.
2. two clay tags made my me.
3. one hand painted flower blackboard tag.

all tucked up in a pretty Cath Kidston gift bag.
looks sweet above my daughter's keyboard.
to enter:
* follow my blog and leave a comment.
that's it!!

for EXTRA entries
* like my facebook page
* share on your blog or facebook page
* follow me on Pinterest

please leave a separate comment for each letting me know.
i'm so grateful to you all for following along!
Kate x
homemaker on a dime

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

treasures found & pretty flowers

morning to you all!
i thought i'd pop in a show off a few finds from the last 2 weeks.
my markets have been pretty disappointing lately, and i'm not coming home with much!

i did find these old milk bottles this morning though.
now who remembers having milk delivered in these as a child? Me!!
they look so pretty lined up with a few flowers poked in.
love them against the crochet. so romantic looking :)
not sure what type of flower they are.
they grow like crazy all year round in the rockery by our pool.
spotted this sweet nest on the grass roadside on the way to school last week.
filled it with some plastic Easter eggs
an old cut glass ice bucket now home to a bunch of cutlery
found this sterling silver ring from the 70's in a tray
filled with vintage silver charms and jewelry.
love how high the setting sits.
and i just HAD to take a few snaps of these 8 day old ducklings!
little balls of sunshine ;)
and have a little cuddle!
i had ducks as a child. just adore them!
Kate x

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

our living areas

good morning lovelies :)
don't you just love the feeling of waking slowly on a Saturday morning?!
i sure do!
blowing a gale here, so i intend on saying inside! hate windy days!
(yes, i know, a bit precious lol)

any hoo, i thought i'd show you around our living areas.
something different to painted furniture and markets finds haha!
so the 1st shot is from the kitchen and shows you the family room and
my treasured collection of mirrors. hard not to photograph yourself
with that many mirrors. i tried super hard, but can see i got myself!
that's my pink painting jumper up in the left hand corner :))

the door below leads through to the garage. that's where i paint
through winter.
when standing in the kitchen, this is the left hand side of the bench.
this is taken from the right hand side.
my newly painted lead light cabinet is tucked under the bench.
the double sink is on the other side.
there's the telly that sits on an old sideboard.
washing up sitting in the drainer. keeping it a little bit real!
other side of kitchen. front entry door to the left.
i did a post on our entry a while back. you can see that here.
although i have redecorated a few times since then!
looking out from the sink area. you can see through to the formal dining room.
that's where i take pretty much all my furniture pics. as you can see
the room is flooded with natural light and the floors are painted white.
the best perfect picture taking room in our home.
looking a little more to the right (off the front entry)
is our formal lounge room.
the next 2 pics below are taken from the family room.
love my Ikea stools.

our cockatiels live to the left of the birdy cupboard which i've mentioned before.
they are too messy to make it onto this post today!
also love my pedestal fruit bowl found at a market for $5.

after i took these pics yesterday, i moved things around.
my aqua cupboard now sits where the birdy cupboard once was.
Birdy cupboard for sale here.
i finally found a spot for this favourite table too.
a happy weekend to you all.
Kate x

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Friday, August 17, 2012

oval dining table with carved base

i finished this gorgeous table for a friend this week.
i teamed it with my own chairs in my dining room to get a few shots.

just look at that stunning carved base!


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

lead light sideboard

we have a Public Holiday here in Brisbane today for the EKKA Show.
if only we had every Wednesday off from school and work!

so i've taken some time to finish off a couple of larger projects
that i have been working on.
this lead light sideboard is one of them.
as usual, i had no idea what colour it would end up being when i started with the
2 coats of primer. i then stood back and stared at it for ages until i came up with this.
i just cannot get enough of the gorgeous aqua colours available.
this one wa on the mistint trolley and has definitely become a favourite.

i haven't filled the side shelves with all my vintage china yet, but popped
a few things in there for the photos. i think it needs a week or 2 to cure and fully dry.

here's what it looked like after 2 coats of Zinsser.
i know i've mentioned it before, but it's the best stuff.
no sanding necessary.

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