Monday, October 25, 2010

'Perfectly Vintage' Finds

on sunday i managed to visit the markets (as usual) as well as an antique collectable fair. i was very controlled and only purchased a few things. i could have gone crazy, but my sensible side kicked in. probably because i have recently had a huge spring clean and chuck out, and it would be a waste if i was to refill the house too quickly with more finds!

at the markets i found a set of six ceramic name card holders. the family were selling a mass of wonderful pieces, so i couldn't help but chat away to find out why. it turned out they were moving their elderly parents into a newly built granny flat, out from their huge 2 storey home. i don't know if they have ever been used, but there are no chips at all on the sweet little blue roses which is quite amazing! and they also came in the original box for a tiny $3 :) :)

it was then home for a quick breaky and then off to the collectable fair! 1st find was another 'Fenton' piece- a white bowl with a clear ruffled edge. all the Fenton pieces i have spied at this fair start at over $45, so when the price tag read $15 i was happy happy! my trusty market/fair friend suggested i bargain, so i offered $12 and he said yes!

my gorgeous Sydney based sis-in-law has helped develop my taste and eye for vintage fabric and linen, so i was a little excited when i happened across a pair of vintage Sheridan floral pillowcase- still in the packaging! don't they go well with the Sheridan queen size sheet i already own?!

i am forced to miss my routine market visit next sunday, as hubby and i am off to a family wedding in Young NSW, while the girls stay on the Sunshine Coast with their grandparents. i'm looking forward to a little couple time as well as a few nights of no cooking/washing up!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

busy weekend

i've had a great weekend filled with vintage buys, painting and markets. i bought a stack of lovely items from a church garage sale on Saturday, and could not help but to start washing, cleaning and painting most pieces as soon as i returned home.

you can see the stash i came home with here- furniture, lamps, linen, etc. while i cleaned up items ready for painting, Emily made pancakes in the jug/bowl that i found. it came with a great recipe for pancakes on the side of the bowl!

i painted up 2 lamp bases, a sweet stool and a ceramic photo frame. i also purchased 2 silky oak chairs off eBay knowing i could revamp them with a little vintage fabric. and that i did!

it has been such a nice change to have the sunny weather back.. and a little less gusty wind today too.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

pink rosey paper lanterns

this morning i ventured out with a friend to the Garden Centre at Darra. i'd never been there until today, but had heard it had lovely things in the shop... and it didn't disappoint! i could have easily spent many $$$$!! after a great coffee and muffin for a late morning tea, we went back into the shop for a 2nd look.
i came across these pretty Robert Gordon paper lanterns. they come in a pack of 10 for $19.95, so were a bargain if you ask me! now that i've hung a couple up, i wish i had bought more! they are so pretty. perfect for a girly party, or just sweet hanging along a curtain rod. i'll definitely be going back for more.
i also bought a cute little french inspired bird. he is sitting pretty in between a lamp and a candle.. for now anyway :)
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

moving things around

on the 10/10/10 (Sunday) Mike and i spent the best part of the rainy afternoon moving furniture around and 'changing up' a few of our living spaces. it's never planned; i'll just be having a think and will say something like "you know, the lounge in the study might fit over here." and we're off and running! it's one thing we really enjoy doing together. sounds weird, but i just love changing things around. it helps keep clutter at bay, as we're always having to move things off shelf and empty drawers to move one thing out of a room and into another. and often, a couple of things will end up on eBay once i've decided we don't need them anymore!

we have the most comfy gorgeous lounge in our study, but it just doesn't get used being so tucked away. so, i decided to make another little sitting room, and put ALL the computers into the computer room. yes, that's my little desk under the window :) so far, it's working a treat! one of the bookshelves had to come out of the study, so it now lives in the dining room ( as you can see) which is on the other side of the wall that houses the lounge. the old display cabinet then got moved out to the family room. all my pretties are now in full view rather than being tucked behind a wall.

today was supposed to be Kacey's Swimming Carnival, but it was cancelled due to the awful weather. plan b was for a friend to come over for coffee, but she ended up with 2 sick children at home instead. so i had to resort to plan c- buying all the bits and bobs for Kacey's birthday party 'thankyou favours', a little op shopping and a blog post! so not all bad :)
oh the things we busy ourselves with when it rains so continuously!!

time for a hot chocolate.....
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rain and Roses

i have to tell you, i am so over this wet weather! 3 days in a row of continuous rain is driving me mad!! ok, so it is nice to potter away inside and cosy up in front of the telly, but it would also be nice to have a break from the drizzle and wind.

definitely not market weather, but i couldn't help myself. quickly ducked in- just incase there was some amazing find i might miss out on. unfortunately, no. just grabbed my usual 2 large punnets of strawberries. the only stall holders that braved the wet were those with plants, slabs of grass and fruit and veg. hopefully the sun will shine next weekend, as i plan to set up my own stall and get rid of some of my own things.

because Sunday morning 'me' time is what i live for all week, my trusty market buddy and i decided to have our 'timeout' at Macca's and do the coffee and breaky thing- well it went coffee, breaky, then another coffee. now we have to wait another week before getting our 'proper' market fix!

i decided to show you another one of my 'accidental' collections. my ceramic roses. if i can't have fresh roses, i'll take ceramic ones! they are all quite different from each other, but all so pretty in their own way. i haven't paid more than $8 for any of these beauties. my favourite is the larger one with the soft pink and lavender roses.

i hope you enjoy your Sunday, whether it be a wet or sunny one :)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

matching pieces

i really adore these two pieces of furniture. but it wasn't until i was looking through some photos i'd taken, that i realised that they kind of matched! i think it's the queen anne style of legs and the pink knobs that make them look like a bit of a pair.
i have had the little drop front desk for years- found it in a tip shop for $10. the drop down desk was too damaged to keep, so it needed a replacement. Mike cut one for me over the school holidays and i glued a wreath on the front to dress it up a little. the pink knobs help it look extra girly :)
the other desk has faux drawers and had a yucky brown top which quickly got a coat of white paint. i had 2 pink knobs left, so added those too. they both live in the family room, but would also work nicely in a little girls room. but sadly, both my girls have recently told me they are not into the 'shabby' look anymore! i love it, so might just make it my very own study desk :)
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

sweet stool upcycle

how gorgeous are the Jacobean barley twist legs on this beauty? i was super happy when i came across her! in fabulous condition, and no, i dare not paint such lovely old timber! all she needed was a little base, a piece of foam cut to size and some oldy worldy rosey fabric. and yes, you have seen this fabric on another stool. i love it. such a yummy blue background with old English roses.
just grabbed out the good old staple gun and it was complete in no time at all. sitting pretty on eBay as we speak- with LOTS of interest.....
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

the sound of white

my collection of milk glass (like other collections) wasn't intentional. it just sort of happened. i had eyed off pretty ruffled hobnailed pieces on eBay, but wouldn't bid due to high listing prices and steep postage. and then one day, while searching through a large op shop on the Sunshine Coast, I found an original ruffled hobnailed little white Fenton vase for 50 cents!! i was so excited! the tiny vases came next (not Fenton) and then the large ruffled Fenton dish was a find from my local markets for $8. That's the most i've paid. apart from the lamp base being $5, all the rest of my peices were $2 and under. now that i had quite a few peices, i've decided to group them together. not sure that they will stay here (nothing stays in the same spot here for long!) but i'm happy with the 'white on white' look for now.
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