Friday, September 28, 2012

purple school benches & table

good morning all.
here are some pieces i painted up for the school a couple of months back.
only got round to sanding/sealing the table and taking pics yesterday.
it all went off to the school this morning.
i really enjoyed painting the benches in this fabulous colour.
you might remember the huge school desk complete with ink wells
 table and benches before....
Kate x
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another raggy quilt & instagram

good morning lovelies. it's been a long time since i've posted! the craziness of term 3 is behind us, and we are enjoying the holidays muchly! a few weeks ago, i spent a Sunday afternoon whipping up this raggy quilt. it's quite large, but i used larger squares, so it only took about 3-4 hours.
i used some leftover fabric from Kacey's quilt, a blue chenille quilt, a quilt cover, white sheet to back it with and doilies. the centrepiece is from an old IKEA cushion cover. all laid out and happy with my design.
all put together! a pretty birdy doily sits at the top of the quilt.
great to throw over the end of the lounge or pop at the end of a bed.
my next couple of quilts will be for friend's babies due next year! can't wait to find out what they are having and get to work!
seeing i've been so time poor of late, i've been getting into good old instagram. here are a few pics i've added recently.
i'd love you to follow along, and would love to follow you back! i'm not sure how to add a link, but i'm under Lilies for Kate :)
Kate xx
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

~vintage finds~

good morning!
popping in quickly to show off some finds from the last couple of weekends.

here's my 1st find of this morning- cast iron "Salter n0.34" kitchen scales.
they are soo heavy! wish the bowl had come with them. it's now sitting behind
my other vintage scales on my kitchen hutch.
sweet candle holder (i have a few other pieces that match this one)
and a cut glass jar/pepper shaker without it's top. perfect for holding a few
flowers to sit on the bedside table. i'm such a sucker for vintage cut glass
and pottery/ceramic roses! and cute cherubs for that matter ;))
LOVE a good old wine box! i've come across a few, but never at the right price!
thankfully this one was! thought it would be great for holding all my
sample sized paint pots.
last Sunday i visited a local Antique Fair.
this little unmarked jug was the 1st thing i bought.
vintage milkshake cups! i've kept the typed price tag on them,
and will use them as vases.
English Staffordshire canister. i'm think i'll paint the lid white.
this one might end up in the bathroom holding cotton buds, etc.
my last find at the Fair were these pretty vintage brooches.
my collection of brooches is definitely growing!
you can see my other brooches here.
have a happy week everyone.
Kate x

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