Monday, December 3, 2012

lampshade makeover

i'm back as promised to show you a little project i got done in about an hour- from start to finish. and don't we all love projects that can be done in one sitting! well i do ;)

so here's what i started with. a 50 cent lampshade found at the markets.
 i then cut strips of fabric (an old sheet) about 2.5 times the height of the shade.
and then simply ties them in knots around the shade, keeping them close together.
i made sure the knots were tied at different heights too.
here it is finished! i love that the inside is also completely covered.
if you wanted a neater finish, you could always tie the knots on the inside.

and if i change my mind, the original shade can go back on.
here's what it looked like before.
Kate x
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Christmas around the home

It's the 2nd day of Summer here in humid ol' Brissy, and we have experienced some pretty high temps! the Chrissy tree has been up for a week here, and we had a fun afternoon complete with drinkies and nibbles while we decorated.

here's a sweet garland i made from vintage cards last year.
the raggy wreaths are hanging over mirrors
this little Nativity scene has been around since Emily's 1st Christmas which was 15 years ago.

many white decorations adorn the tree.
the entry
TYPO tree from last years sales.
handmade eBay stocking
love my lilies at this time of year of course ;)
gotta have loads of twinkly lights too!
last week of work, then we are off on a beachy holiday that i have been dreaming about for months!!!
back soon to show you my latest DIY ;))
Kate x
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