Monday, December 3, 2012

lampshade makeover

i'm back as promised to show you a little project i got done in about an hour- from start to finish. and don't we all love projects that can be done in one sitting! well i do ;)

so here's what i started with. a 50 cent lampshade found at the markets.
 i then cut strips of fabric (an old sheet) about 2.5 times the height of the shade.
and then simply ties them in knots around the shade, keeping them close together.
i made sure the knots were tied at different heights too.
here it is finished! i love that the inside is also completely covered.
if you wanted a neater finish, you could always tie the knots on the inside.

and if i change my mind, the original shade can go back on.
here's what it looked like before.
Kate x
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Christmas around the home

It's the 2nd day of Summer here in humid ol' Brissy, and we have experienced some pretty high temps! the Chrissy tree has been up for a week here, and we had a fun afternoon complete with drinkies and nibbles while we decorated.

here's a sweet garland i made from vintage cards last year.
the raggy wreaths are hanging over mirrors
this little Nativity scene has been around since Emily's 1st Christmas which was 15 years ago.

many white decorations adorn the tree.
the entry
TYPO tree from last years sales.
handmade eBay stocking
love my lilies at this time of year of course ;)
gotta have loads of twinkly lights too!
last week of work, then we are off on a beachy holiday that i have been dreaming about for months!!!
back soon to show you my latest DIY ;))
Kate x
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Friday, November 16, 2012

finally got the paint brush out & a project!

well Friday is here and i'm so happy it is!
another working week done and dusted. the end of the school year is almost upon us- still so much to get done though!
i did manage to get a few small things painted up. felt so good to splash around some white and aqua paint. it's been too long!

1st up were the top 2 suitcases. painting them has really lifted this little corner.
the blackboard got a freshen up, and the Italian plaster scrolly thingy hanging above it gives it a new look.
a couple of bali style frames got a like of paint too. (the other one is on top of the suitcases)
this old wardrobe door with bevelled edge mirror was an ebay find. love it so much more white!
it has the prettiest timber beading around the mirror's edge.
you can see the mirror a bit better here.
found this cool boho skirt that matches perfectly with my aqua lace top from Thailand.
and this cute stool got the white treatment also. it now sits by the bath.
i usually show "before" pics, but you just need to picture ugly dark timber and you get the picture anyway :)
i want to show you a project i have put aside until the holidays arrive. the husband is not convinced and thinks it belongs at the tip. and when i told him i even paid money for it i really got the look.
so as you can see it's an old mantle of some sort and is missing a few pieces- including the mirror which is sad.
so the thought so far is to cut those top bits off, give it a good scrub and sand, maybe a lick of white paint too, and then stick a blackboard in the centre. i'd so love some ideas!
Kate x
visiting over at Scandi Coast Home 
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

a wall of crosses & other things

hello lovelies! popping in quickly to show you the beginning of
another collection! crosses. yep. i have a big crush on them.
i found this huge aqua blue cross in a shop in Bulimba called
Just Plain Gorgeous.
next stop was an op shop where i found this 'made in Italy' cross.
i added a splash of white paint and gave it a rough sand.
Bed Bath Table had these little metal ones. yep.
bought one of each!
i also love etched venetian glass, so this cross was a winner.
it's being added to the "Cross Wall" this weekend.
this lovely old glass bouy was a fav market find. the beachy look is
going strong here at the moment!

below are some purchases from Earthborn. adore that shop! they had 20% off storewide,
so shouted myself some little gifts ;)
the soap smells AMAZING! will be buying more.
another find- this 'vintage look' blue glass piece.
crazy times here.
school reports are due next week! my teaching partner and i spent 5 hours
together at school today. when i got home, i just HAD to paint something!
will show you soon ;))
Kate x
visiting over at Scandi Coast!!
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Friday, October 19, 2012

snippets from the last few weeks

good morning!
thought it was time to pop into the old blog and say hello.
i don't think i've ever gone this long between blog posts!
teaching and family and just keeping the house from turning into a down right tip is pretty much taking up all my time and energy.
so i thought i'd show a few pics (mainly from instagram) to show what we've been up to.
we were pretty house bound throughout the school holidays, as the hubs has been recovering from a pretty full on knee injury and surgery. as he improved, we managed some lunches out. my girls (like their Mum!) are real foodies!
here's my crispy duck salad. yum
i've been pottering around the house, moving things, chucking stuff, and had a market stall to sell off a whole stack of unwanted junk from around this place. i can now proudly say both cars fit in our garage lol.
scored myself this cool timber box which i'm loving.
i've indulged in the purchase of some more scented candles and the latest homey mags just to get me through! such a nice way to have a bit of time out.
there has been alot of cooking happening in our kitchen. Em whipped up this amazing vanilla slice from scratch. i hate cooking personally, but happy to get in there and clean up!
speaking of which, our dishwasher decided to give up the ghost yesterday (i'll admit it was 17 years old!) so there will be some dishwasher shopping/purchasing happening this weekend (if not today)!!
this working between 2 schools is well and truly keeping me out of trouble, but i'm loving it!
not work today, so off to get the hair done, and spend the arvo having lunch with the hubs- which is what we did last Friday too!
we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at Vio's and had the Restaurant to ourselves!
i've had a few jars of these lovelies scattered throughout the house along with some daisies. might need to get some more today....
my shopping is list growing haha!
i got the sewing machine out for about an hour last Sunday, and threw together a shabby bunting for our bedroom. i think it adds just the right amount of vintage happy :)
Bed Bath n Table had a sale on their mugs (and lots of other lovely items) so i bought myself this one and another in chevron blue. they are SO nice to drink out of and hold! $4.45 each. what a bargain!
Sarah over at a Beach Cottage was sporting some great new hair dos, so i tried this multi bun style. i can tell, you it's gonna look alot better once i get my regrowth tended to this morning!
swimming lessons started this week at one school i work at, so this was my view on Tuesday for about 30 minutes :)
Stopped in at Spotlight on Wednesday, and what do i find? a complete copy of Cath Kidston's rosey bird fabric! gorgeous! had to get some of the blue!
i'm enjoying getting back into the morning walks too.
so that about sums up what's been going on. 
school lunches are calling, and there's washing up to be done... 
catch u soon, but i'll be on instagram before the day is out ;)
Kate x
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