Sunday, June 16, 2013

a couple of Chalk Paint projects

hi everyone.
i've attacked a couple more pieces with chalk paint this week.
this trolley was pretty sad looking before i got to it with some quarter strength duck egg blue, and pure white chalk paint. i gave it 2 coats of each and sanded the edges.
i'd so love to keep this baby, but couldn't find a spot for it- even though i carted it all through the house looking for a home for it!
chalk paint is so versatile- the bottom shelf of the trolley had contact on it. rather than spend hours trying to remove it, i painted right on over it.
trolley before....
and this morning at the markets i found the cutest little vintage children's chair.
i didn't really give it a second look at first, then thought of what i could do with some chalk paint and had to take it home- and paint it up straight away of course! it could do with having the springs replaced, or could have been reupholstered, but that would have all cost a small fortune.
but with one coat of chalk paint over the vinyl- yes only one coat, it is totally transformed. i rubbed it over with clear wax too. the chalk paint gives the vinyl an almost suede look/finish.
i think my little grade ones will love it ;)
chair before....
and the countdown till school holidays is on.
Kate x

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  1. kate, I am so impressed with your chair... seriously??Chalk paint can do that? Amaze! Do you have a favourite brand? Rach xx

  2. i can't believe how that vinyl came up with the chalk paint- amazing!

  3. Wow painting over vinyl! The possibilities are endless! ;) Jo xx

  4. I am totally amazed now with this chalk paint. Can anybody share with me how is it being used? Any do’s and don’ts? I just find it so amazing to revive furniture and cabinets. You make them lovely despite being an almost unwanted thing before. This is not just a talent but a skill, I think.